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Measurement question

Measurement question

I have a question about measuring:

I have quite a bit of an upward curve when fully erect. Nothing abnormal just quite pronounced. My question is do I measure staight out on top with a ruler or do i use a cloth tape and measure following the curve? I have noticed that when I am not fully erect (maybe 90%) I measure longer because the the curve isn’t there until fully erect.

I hope this isn’t a repeat question.

Which ever way you want as long as you are consistent.

I have an upward curve too, I just measured myself bp’ed with a ruler. I probably should’ve measured using a cloth tape though huh? That way I’d know my real stats?

You might want to check out some curved pics and see how they measured. If it was me I would measure with a cloth tape because afterall that would be my actual dick length, though I understand why you are wondering. I think secjay has a curve if you want to look at his pics and see how he went about it. He may have discussed both types of measurements, I don’t recall clearly.

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