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May Invoice

I did another one. In a week I will make the cushion a bit better. I will try to be more consistent as well.

I know, but I have gotten so much out of this place and sometimes people have to give back. No worries on my part. What is the total Monthly invoice? Ms tnt wanted to know. I could look it up but I am running in and out of the casa.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS
258.00 now, down from 479.00 a couple of months ago.

Wow! I did not realize it was that much. 479.00 is huge, but 258.00 is significant as well. Thank you for the information.
We will do our best to do what this place needs to keep going, but a cushion would be nice.

Ms tnt and I will do one more.

I’m in. I’ve been a bit of a slacker, so I need to be catching up!

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