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Maxed Out At 6.5" NBP


I can kinda understand where your coming from. But dont you want some booty?

I sure as hell can understand where he’s coming from. All I use to do was think about who I could get with next, every weekend of my life, I was 6.75/4.75, and figured hey-average is like 6, so I’m bigger than the average guy, I should be allright.and I had the confidence, and the “game” so to speak, and to be honest I did quite allright with the ladies.

Then after my first year of college I realized that there were a lot of bitches hanging out with guys who had huge wangs (or atleast thats what I thought).and when I thought about it, I haven’t been the same for the last year and a half of my life. Yeah 6.75/4.75 is bigger than average, but I’m 6’3!! Thats definetly small for my size. I started PE exactly a year ago and only gained .5 inches. I put so much freakin time into this shit.. I tried the pills all last year, blowin money on that pointless shit, .I would do anything.than started manual PE a year ago, been puting in as much as three hours a day throughout the whole year, and all I got to show for it is .5. And the worst thing is that I havent had any charisma to go bethe guy always had been, I just feel like 7.25/5.0 looks small in comparison to my body, and until I get the confidence back, I won’t be the normal ‘me’ that I use to be. It’s blows, but it’s true.

I totally altered my routine back to jelqing and manual stretching-instead of hanging which got me nowhere, and if I don’t get anything out of it this summer, I’m just gonna have to say fuck it, and get the surgery one day when I have the blows..

-So I def. See where your coming from, so if it gives you any more confidence to bang that girl, .. Your almost as big as me, and I’m 6’3.5

Guys, your missing the point here. If you truly have a small penis ( below average) then you might have an issue but if you are even close to or over average then there is not an issue. Chicks won’t even notice unless your very large and even then some will not care. If you are very small then they will notice but average, I don’t think so. You need to understand that women go more on feelings and not penis size.


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