Manual V-hanging, A-stretching and combinations

I have seen photos in FHM and a movie on this site showing tribes lifting enormous weights using a manual V-stretch. I looped 30lb of weights through a bathrobe belt, tied it and found I could easily lift it in a V-stretch. I reckon you could hold massive weights like this with no need for a hanger. The bathrobe gives a nice cushioned force, you could add more material for further cushioning and spreading of the pressure point. I couldn’t hold it long but due to stress in the penis not my gripping hand. I have made 2 hangers and couldn’t lift more than 17lb without slipping or skin bunching problems, even then I had to do many wraps to get it right. Seems with your hand you can get the perfect grip.

Anybody considering starting hanging or getting a Bib should try out this simple method just to get a feel for the extra stretch you can achieve with weights. With normal manual stretching you have no real idea what force you are using so this gives more of an idea and may be more help in tracking or comparing routines. With normal stretching you also may start to slacken off/weaken the pull after a few minutes which cannot happen with manual hanging.

I also tried an equivalent A-stretch, 30lb over the shoulder with the loop under the penis, I found this even easier to hold in my hand. You can do a combination of a regular A-stretch with the weight hanging at the base giving the V-stretch, this is quite hard to get into. I rested the weights on the bed so the loop was slack, then I got in the A-stretch and dropped the weights which fell into place, you may need good FSL for this, I am touching 8” BPFSL.

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