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Manual Stretching

Manual Stretching

How many folks just do Jelqs and Manual stretches here?

Do you find you get benefits from manual stretches?

That’s all I do is manual stretches and some jelqing and I “think” I get a lot out of them.


Yeah I do. But you do hot towel wraps and circulation exercises right?

Oh and I do those PC clamps also. For stronger erection and longer staying time. However you can do them on your own accord - anytime you like though out the day.

I have never done towl wraps. But I do my excercizes in a real hot shower.


I gained 3.5 cm since February doing manual stretches

i have never done a strict routine. just manual stretches and jelqs (both mostly dry) whenever I feel like it or have privacy. I also have gained a fair amount.

I think there is a tendency to overthink this whole thing and analyze it too much. Its not complicated. You do ANY sort of stretching or jelqs => you gain! WHEN you gain and HOW MUCH you gain is a different story, though. Perhaps I could have been at 7.5 BPEL by now, but meh, going too hard would kill the fun.

Bpel: 6.57 Eg: 5.5 (26/8/05) Bpel: 6.77 Eg: 5.55 (23/9/05) Bpel: 6.91 Eg: 5.7 (8/10/05) Bpel: 7.06 Eg: 5.8 (23/11/05)

Yeah I suppose Zapata is right. Best to take confidence in the fact that this shit works, because all of these guys can’t be wrong!!

Just incorporate it into your life and don’t think about it too long. I consider jelqing as like masturbation and “me” time if you will sounds gay, but it’s just something I’m gonna do for however long. Fuck the length and girth gains think of them as an extra bonus along with the fit healthy and strong shlong all this PE stuff will accomplish. Thats the way I’m approaching it. I’m not gonna get the measuring tape out for months, just rely on visuals.

That’s what I like, the visuals

bird what was your routine ?

Originally Posted by Bird2
I gained 3.5 cm since February doing manual stretches

Wow congrats. In what areas.. FL? BPEL? EG?

Originally Posted by Hughgreck96
Wow congrats. In what areas.. FL? BPEL? EG?


Originally Posted by just4me
bird what was your routine ?

Now: 7 x 3 minutes of stretching, in the following directions: up, down, left, right, forward, donnward left and downward right. Because I do different things while PEing it comes closer to 25 minutes.

I regurally do the excersise called amazing isometrics to keep my gains. A discription can be found here: Newbie PE

Because of reaching my goal in girth I don’t do girth excersises anymore. I gained 3 cm in girth since February doing different excersises but the big gainers for me where: horses, ulis and clamping.

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