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Manual stretching

Manual stretching

How hard is it safe to pull on the penis while manual stretching?
Has anyone managed to do any damage by pulling too hard?

I grip the penis about 1” behind the glans and use talcum powder for a better grip, 15 minutes in the morning and 3 sets of 5 minutes throughout the day with an ADS in between.

I used to hang OTS but hanging caused me to get thrombosed vessels, while hanging OTS I used a fish scale to get the tension I wanted.

I estimate that I am manually stretching with about 17-20lbs.

I think the force from pulling will give you red spots on your glans due to pressure build-up before you are able to do any real damage to ligs.

Having said that, just a few days ago I pulled slightly downwards, hard, and was rewarded by a strange sound (sounded a little like velcro opening) and slight soreness in my ligs for a few hours afterwards. I do not know if that was a lig pop or damage.

But I was pulling hard enough that I was wondering if this really was good.


So far I have not got any red spots on the glans or anywhere else.

I am feeling fatigue in my ligaments from the first pull of the morning and a mild fatigue with the ADS on.

I could pull a lot harder, my fishscale goes up to 36lbs and I could go a lot more than that, of course I don’t intend pulling any harder than I am now as I am feeling fatigue with this amount of stress.

I just wondered how hard is it safe to pull on the penis?

It is my guess that the velcro type sound you heard was a tear and is not a good thing.

I just stretch with enough power to not loose my grip, and with enough grip power not to feel uncomfortable.

Some days I have a good grip and on other days I have a terrible grip that doesn’t even feel right. but I stretch anyway.

I’d say a good stretch is one that makes you feel the ligs being stretched it minimal force does that then thats just fine. With time you penis will need more power to be stretched ( It grows stronger ) then you will automatically add power to your stretches. This is good for keeping gains going.


I don’t think you can manually pull off your penis. Tho most every day I certainly do try.

When I feel pain I stop.

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