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Manual Stretching

Manual Stretching

I manual stretch 10mins in the morning and about 10mins after my shower, when i first started i used to get alot of lig pops but i never get any anymore i pull really hard but i never seem to get any bigger. Ive looked at the LOT theroy about 1000times but i cant seem to find mine i kegal and it always pulls back no matter where :s

I thought you were meant to start low and work up to determine LOT but it is the other way around. I started experimenting at 9 and went all the way up to 12 and could still tug. Then I found out i was 7. You are probably very low, sorry! can you still feel tug back when pulling straight down?

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If you have pullback at all angles 6:00-12:00, your lot is 6:00, and you need to concentrate of the tunica with SO and OTS stretches. Your ligs are sufficiently loose and lig pops are going to happen less frequently. If you’ve read the theory 1000 times I’m sure you know what to do. Good luck.

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Well, regarding the lig pops: My LOT is about 7, still I have lig pops - but only after a certain time without stretching (maybe a week). When taking it up again the lig pops might occur after the third day and might happen one or two days later again. When continuing every day stretching the lig pops will occur very seldom only… and I am pulling harder and harder. Lately I really expect to rip it off :eek:

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