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Manual stretch

Manual stretch

Is there a stretch that involves grabbing the penis at two different areas and pulling in opposite directions?

There is now!

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Vertically or horizontally?


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


Here’s one that pulls the dick in two directions: I call the hinge stretch.

Using your right hand, circle the base of your dick with an underhand OK grip — where the thumb is over the top of your penis. Now, take your other hand and grab your dick roughly in the middle of the shaft with an overhand OK grip — where the thumb is on the underside.

From there, just turn the hand around the base towards your body, and the hand around the shaft down and away from your body. The thumb on the hand around the shaft and the index finger of the hand around the base will create a sort of hinge as you pull your dick in two directions. Adjust the position of the hand around the shaft to emphasize ligs or tunica. To add to the stretch, press the thumb on the hand that’s around the base hard down into your ligs as you stretch.

This stretch is sort of hard to describe but surprisingly simple to do. It’s a good easy stretch to do at work when you’re standing at the urinal and want to sneak a quick yank in before someone else walks in.

Thanks for the stretch Ike.

HH, it would have to be vertically because pulling horizontally is painfully fatiguing to your arms. I was just thinking of grabbing at two areas of the dick and basically attempting to pull them apart. It seems there would be a small area that would receive most of the stress so you would have to move up and the down the dick as well.

Isn’t what you’re describing the same as a combination of the V stretch/Inverted V stretch? Check out the videos.


"It's not the getting there but the going that's gotta be good." Varg


So, then two more stretch ideas:

1) Do the same grips I described above: underhand OK around the base and overhand OK just under the glans. Pull the two hands away from each other as hard as you can. If you cram your thumb down hard into your ligs you’ll stretch both ligs and tunica.

2) Basically that same stretch, but use what I call a “claw grip” around the head of your dick.

Claw grip: That’s a grip where your hand is shaped sort of like a claw or open fist. Put the head of your dick in between either the index and second finger or second finger and ring finger. Your fingers should be gripping the sides of your dick just under the crown of the glans. Now, put your thumb so the tip is firmly up against the crown of your glans in between your fingers. If you squeeze laterally with your fingers as your thumb braces the anterior side, you’ll find you can get a pretty good grip and a fairly strong tug.

Once you have the grip around the base and the grip around the glans, just pull and push the two hands away from each other. I lie back and watch TV doing this stretch, trying to pull the tip of my dick up past my belly button while my other hand is anchored around the base providing maximum resistence.

HH, I don’t think v-stretches really cause your dick to be pulled in two opposite directions, they just add extra force to your stretch. I do however do a lot of v-stretches and they seem to be really effective.

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