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Manual stretch and kegal

Manual stretch and kegal

Did a search just seemed to pull up threads that contained both words in a routine but not related.

When performing a manual stretch is it a good idea to kegal at the same time, you can feel it really pull but not sure you’re stretching for length or just pulling against the muscle.

I personally didn’t really ever do a manual stretching routine as such. I did do a few stretches however both manually and with a Power Jelq and from my experience I wouldn’t imagine that kegeling would affect length gains (as long as it didn’t affect the strength of your pull).

Kegeling while you stretch may also help to strengthen the muscle exercised by kegeling (I forget the name of the muscle), but that particular muscle is pretty easy to strengthen anyway, so if you wanted to ‘err on the side of safety’ so-to-speak, it’s probably best just to stretch and not kegel, although I don’t think kegeling while stretching should cause you problems. Hopefully someone else with more experience of manual stretching routines can offer some help.

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This was covered years ago, but I can only imagine the innumerable amount of threads that came up with your search query. So luckily, I can remember a few key points about this from way back…

What you do is you kegel for a few seconds, then do an A-Stretch while reverse kegeling. The only reason I remember this, was because way back when I first began PE, that routine gave me my gains.

Now that I look more into the mechanics of the technique, this kegel/stretch/reverse kegel idea seems like PNF stretching, where you activate a muscle against the stretch, then relax it to allow stretching beyond that point.

Do a search and look for “DLD Blasters”. If the thread is still around- it’s got tons of info in it.

Actually searching brings back tons of results too… just read the original thread here:
DLD Blasters…Un-Real Length Gains

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Thanks guys especially wt282 for the link :)

It was something that came across whilst I was doing a manual stretch I just tensed the BC (kegal) muscle whilst I moved in the chair and felt a major pull so much so that it pulled against the strength of my arm pulling up.

I’ll have a read through the DLD blasters thread when I get chance, looks like another thunders monster thread ;)

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