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Manual Only Routine

Manual Only Routine

Hi. Having seen no gains in about 6 months, I’m basically starting from scratch again. Im looking for erect length really, and I cant really use a hanger because of privacy issues, plus I’m uncut.

The routine which I’m currently using consists of this;

15 second stretch downwards & left
15 second stretch straight downw
15 second stretch downwards & right

Repeated 6 times.

I don’t do any serious jelquing, just a little for circulation and so on. Im looking for length though.

Is this enough to gain length, do you think? I’m feeling a stretch in my ligs, and some soreness at the base of my penis, but not a lot. Im doing this every day. For those of you with experience at manual stretching alone, do you think this will work, or should I do more, or do it more often…basically, any advice.

Thanks in advance


You need to do more and continue to gradually increase your time PE’ing. When you add up the amount of time you’re spending stretching, it totals to less than 5 minutes. Add more stretching time, and spread it out during the day if you need to. Also, do some jelqing to train your dick to tolerate more PE stresses. If wetjelqing is inconvenient, do dryjelqing which can be done at home, at work, anywhere you can find a few minutes of privacy. Good luck.


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