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''Manly Penis''

''Manly Penis''

Hi guys, I think all of you have heard the term ”manly penis” from the PE websites. I know that ”big” is a relative thing, but there must be a numerical value for this definition. If we consider the mechanics of sexual intercourse, various sex positions, average vaginal depth, good appearance of the penis, etc… all these factors must give an optimal penis length and girth. It must be so optimal that it must be sufficient to please most of the women, must look massive enough, must physicologically give self confidence to the man, etc. I think a penis that optimizes all these factors must be 8”-8.5”X 5.75”-6” or something like that. Why I am trying to find such a value is that I also follow the posts of website. There are men claiming 10”, 11” or more penis lengths. I think those are abnormalities. Such values shouldn’t be the aim of any of us, because it is useless to have a 12” cock. It is not functional, not healthy, not aesthetical, etc. What do you think?

Do you believe them? Have they shown pics with measurement? Anything to back up their claims?

This is the Internet.


No, I don’t believe them, but they mislead us and ladies. Even if they are so, bigger is not always better at least up to a certain point.

teoman; size is relative.
You will never have an optimal size for every woman, or even a majority of women, simply because everyone’s different.

I don’t doubt that there are women out there who can take to a depth of 12” or girths 10” etc. I don’t doubt there are women who can’t even take 5” in. It’s just that the ocurance of these types of women is just as rare as the kinds of guy that would match up with them just fine.

PE can be dangerous if you are floating between relationships. You might end up with a really great woman who you want to spend the rest of your lfie with, but woops! You went and did PE to please the woman before her, and now the wonderful one can’t take you! Bummer….

see what I mean?

All this talk of “optimal size” is worthless. it depends entirely on the compatibility of the couple in particular.

BTW: LPSG is a farce.

Right on Secjay. As a newbie, I still have all these insecurities about what I size I should end up at, etc. It’s the compatibility that counts and for what it’s worth, even with my modest dimensions, I have “fit” nicely with the partners that I have had. Admittedly, I’ve not had a lot of partners, so it could be that they have not been totally representative of the female population out there. The reality is that most people fit in that middle range and extremities at either end, male and female, are very rare.

BTW, I did check out the LPSG site/board one time. Well, it is good for a laugh, probably 80% of what you read on there is pure BS.


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