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Making sense of the Lifestyles size study

Making sense of the Lifestyles size study

OK, so the Lifestyles study and the online “Definititive Penis Size Survey” both fond approximately the same *average* girth. However, notice how the Lifestyles girth measurments all bunch around the median, whereas the Size Survey girth results show large deviations from the mean. For example, the 80th percentile in the Lifestyles survey is around 5.25. However, in the Size Survey, the 80th percentile is nearly six inches.

Now, I realize that the Size Survey asked for measurement at the widest point, while Lifestyles measured misshaft. My point though is that, if Size Survey is actually reputable (which it actually does seem to be, since the average is close to 5 inches), then why doesn’t the Lifestyles survey show the same large deviations from the mean? Afterall, the Lifestyles isn’t really a normal distribution. Are we all underestimating average size by looking to the Lifestyles survey? Thanks for any input.

Does penile length fit a normal distribution? I’d hate to assume that.


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Its a natural distribution of course, the same as for lots of human attributes. Cant see why that’s a bad thing, most people are average that’s all it means

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