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Make your Monkeybar Instruction

Make your Monkeybar Instruction

Here’s another device that you could make. Most of you probably seen this before - some call it penis barbell/dumbell, etc.

Well I’m calling this Monkeybar!

Its really simple to make and while its not heavy, its good ADS tool to add to your collection (variety is always good).

Here’s what you’ll need,

1) 1/8” aluminum wire (some call it Lapidary wire).
2) Cutting plier - to cut above.
3) 1x1” (or 1xhigher length for more weight) round bar (cold steel is what you want) - you could get this from
4) metal glue - available at most hardware store.
5) power drill or drill press
6) 1/8” drill bit or slightly bigger so that you could put the glue.
7) sports tape or soft cloth.


1) Cut 5 1/2” of aluminum wire using cutting plier.
2) wrap it with soft cloth or sport tape - leaving room at the end for glue-ing.
3) Drill 1/2” hole using 1/8” drill bit on round bar (in the center or near center - doesn’t really matter how accurate).
4) dab some metal glue into the hole and end of your aluminum wire.
5) Insert the aluminum wire into the hole.
6) Add more glue (I actually put whole smack of it so that glue is covering the rod and hole).

Thats it. Wait 12 hours for glue to cure and you have a very comfortable ADS.


most I seen uses 1/4 wire, but I like the thinner one as you could bend it much easier. You could get this in most hobby store (some call it Lapidary wire).You want to cut this

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How do you wear this ADS?

Glad you’re directing to I know one of the founders (and his cute wife). They’re good people.

Sort of like noose. Attached is one I made. While it may look uncomfortable, it is. Again, it is not heavy (1/2 to 1lb depending on round rod used) so I could wear it for hours. Again I love variety - it give you options when you really don’t feel like it.

There are only few places that you could get small quantity metals and indeed they are nice. The place I use now has a minimum of $$$$ per order but its cheaper for me at this point.

Attached is one I made.

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But how does it function as an ADS? Do you wrap it once around the the cock and let it hang?

It looks like it might be good for weighted kegels, because you could change its position along the shaft. When I have an erection I’d put it towards the glans and try to lift it. As my boner gets soft I’d position it more towards the base and try to lift it.

I’m still a little confused as to how it attaches. Do you just bend it round your old fella, or is there some other mechanism involved?

Maybe you wear it whilst erect ? More of a lig stretcher than a ADS device

Hey Monkeybar how does it stay in place?

All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward.

Why not use a padlock if I’m reading this right

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Sorry if this doesn’t make sense. I thought this was well known item.

The way you wear it is to wrap it from top down (like a horseshoe). This is why you need a flexible aluminum. You could shape the aluminum rod into any shape that is comfortable.

While it goes on like a noose, I wouldn’t worry too much about the nerves near the head as the weight is very light. The best thing about this is that you could literally wear it all day - just loosen it for bathroom break and thats it. Its very mild ADS.

The first picture is one way to wear it (sorry about the candle). The way I like to wear is in 2nd picture.

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