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I’m going on vacation and unfortunately will have to stop my long, full sets of PE…I’m wondering if there are any shorter things I can do to ensure that I don’t lose somehow screw up my gains insofar. Granted, the “vacation” is only for a week…but I really don’t want to risk losing…it’s been such a hard battle to get what little I’ve gained, and I don’t want to lose anything.

I’ll be going on long trips in the future as well, so I really do need to know if there is some sort of really quick exercizes (like maybe 5 or 10 minutes) I can do just to ensure that my cock stays nice, long and fat.

Any ideas? Thanks for any and all help.

What could be better then the basic jelq? It’s an all around exercise that you don’t need any equipment for and it hits both girth and length.

Gprent has the best idea. But you might also consider getting yourself a nice long strip of 2” wide Ace bandage with velcro latch and traction wrap a flaccid stretch for most of the week.

That is, if you’re not spending the entire time inside of a wet bikini - either yours or some sweet beach bunny companion.


If you don’t have lube at hand, do your workouts in the shower or use the dry jelq routine. At last, you’ll keep your dick stimulated and satisfied.

Picking up some chicks while on vacation might help, too.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

heh…picking up chicks on vacation…I wish :) …I’m gonna be around my family 24/7 for this ‘vacation’ so it’s not exactly like I’ll have much of a chance to pick up anyone…but like I’d know what to do with one if I got one anyway =P

What is a dry jelq routine like? I can’t use lube.

I’m mainly wanting to know about the time element in this…I usually put in an hour into my cock, with one rest day per week…so how much is enough for just basic maintenence/upkeep? 5 minutes? 10 minutes?? 15???

I’m also asking because there will eventually come a day when I just won’t be able to put in an hour per day into my cock…but I know if I completely stop PE, I stand a good chance of losing all I’ve worked for. I want to know what a good, QUICK daily exercize is to ensure no losses in either girth or length.

Any help is again more than welcomed. =)

Manual stretches are easy. You can do them in lots of private places. Since you will be showering on this vacation (we hope), soap up that joint and do some regular manual tugs, in all directions. Probably you’ll come out of the shower longer and fatter than when you went in. That’ll keep you encouraged and help keep your PE pace so far.



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