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MagnumXL (the V-stretch guy) reporting!


MagnumXL (the V-stretch guy) reporting!

Hi guys. You old-timers (6 years ago or so) will remember me! Back then I was “7-Up” because that was my goal. But when I blew past that and approached 9” I adopted the “MagnumXL” tag because it was the only condom that would fit and not split.

If you check out the archives you will see that I introduced these ideas into this board. (1) the V-stretch, (2) heat pumping with a heating pad wrapped around the cylinder, (3) punctuated PE which suggested 6-weeks of rest after you plateau in order to get more gains when you start back, (4) various and sundry ways to make your package more obvious under your pants, (5) several ways to keep your flaccid long and plump and, (5) the use of arginine AAKG to help you have a larger flaccid.

I quit serious PE about 3-4 years ago. Back then I was nearing 9”. I hardly did anything with PE for a long, long time. But I just did a light maintenance workout a few minutes ago and found I had shrunk to right at 8.5” BPEL. Not bad after such a long time off. So I went from 6.25 BPEL to 8.75 and now 8.5”. Girth from 5.8 or so to 6.2 or so.

I am married and my wife was as satisfied with 7” as she was with 8.5”. So, since I love her and am totally faithful to her (would rather die than break her heart), and since no one else is going to see old “Spike” erect, I lost all motivation to try to grow longer. Thus I retired from serious PE.

Now days I am more interested in having a big flaccid than in having a big erection. I would rather have a 7” flaccid than a 9” erection. It makes you feel more…..confident….special….envied…unique.. when at a urinal with no privacy panel. My trouser snake also causes quite a site under my pants……especially when wearing boxers. you get a lot of crotch glances. I have even had straight guys ask about it. I will write again soon and share with you what I have learned about growing a bigger flaccid. I have been lurking the board lately. I really appreciate this board. “Keep pullin” ….. MagnumXL

Welcome back MangumXL, your PE wisdom is greatly appreciated and needed here at thunders!

Welcome back and I am looking forward to the followup.


You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I haven’t PE’d for a good while, and my unit doesn’t look so big any more, but having read this thread I decided to measure out of curiosity, and it’s *exactly* the same size as last time I PE’d! I expected at least a little loss, but am pleasantly surprised. Still, it doesn’t look big so I guess your (one’s) mind gets used to it.

Good to hear from you again MXL. Looking forward to reading your findings.

This works for me.

It may not work well for everyone. We have certainly learned that lesson. However I can keep a nice fat, long flaccid a couple or 3 days with the following routine that involves jelqing, pumping, heating, cooling, and latex tubes. Sounds complicated doesn’t it. Its not.

First I heat pump (pump tube with heating pad around it) to warm up and stretch out the old unit. (By the way…I have never had a thrombosed vein…even at 10 in Hg when using heat. Always got them at 10 Hg without heat. No I am not recommending more than 5-6 in. of Hg pressure) Do this about 5 minutes.

Next I jelq for about 5-10 minutes. Then I go back in the tube for a warm stretch for another 5 minutes.

Repeat this alternating pump - jelq about 5 times.

Then I cool off in the tube. This step is critical. I pump up to about 5 in. of Hg, let “Spike” stretch out to his maximum length, take off the heating pad (which was attached to the tube with a wrist band). I then place a cold gel-pad (the kind you buy for sprains and injuries) around the tube and secure with a couple of rubber bands. I leave it on for 10 minutes or so. My goal is to harden the previously warmed and stretched connective tissue at their maximum length. Tissue softens at 110 and hardens at room normal penile temperature. You must harden the tissue while it is stretched. Otherwise it will shrink back and then harden.

I then place a series of 2-3” latex tubes (from Sybian for the “Venus for Men”) over my unit to keep it stretched out to its maximum length. I wear this for an hour or two. I have worn the tubes 24 hours while initially trying to stretch my flaccid. Its an ADS that stretches but allows free blood flow if you get the right sized tubes for your unit.

After this I wear a small tube section as a cock ring all day and night. I range from about 6 to 6.75” flaccid. My goal is a constant 7+” flaccid. Even so, “Spike” is so fat for his length that he looks stubby. MXL

Welcome back, Magnum.

Do you have a progress thread here? I searched but couldn’t find it. I think that would be an inspiring read.

It’s also inspiring that you managed to gain over 2” BPEL with a starting girth of 5.8”. Sort of blows the old “rubber band” theory away.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

Congratulations Magnum: Post #1 above details many accomplishments that many of us are interested in. Could you provide us with links to your best threads or posts that detail how you got to where you are. Thanks, man.

I must admit I have been reading quite a bit of your old stuff and didn’t realize you had been gone, Magnum.

I am VERY interested in your techniques, especially regarding increasing your flaccid size. I have only recently made the pump a regular part of my routine and I am thinking a lot about the alternating temperature aspect or your pumping sessions.

Having Vets like you (and others) around is the only reason I log in anymore.

"Debate the idea..."

That technique he has described above, is also applied in body building. You do an extremly intense work out, I will try and find the notes on it. And then as soon as you finish you have a 10 minute cold shower. Its recommended for a night out on the town if you want to look that tiny bit bigger than usual.

Yet again more body building techniques are showing promise when carried over to PE.

Starting Stats: BPEL- 5 2/8" BG- 4 4/8" MSG - 4 4/8" - Jan 2006

Goals: Till Mrs. K, can't take no more. :rear:

Hey Magnum!

Glad to hear that you’ve found love and are back in it!


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Hey TM

Actually, I found my love 34 years ago. New Goal……how about a 9 X 7 inch flaccid? That would scare the devil out of someone who saw it! I just may try clamping. Bought 2 clamps today at W-Mart. MXL

What size are the Symbian liners that you use? My girth is currently 6.25”, so I’m assuming I’ll be using the same size as you are. I think this could be better than the HTW for keeping elongation.

Also, how thick are they? I’ve been looking for a sleeve material to use in my DIY vacuum hanger for awhile and if this is thick/sturdy enough, it may be exactly what I’m looking for.

Welcome back!

SlipStream...latex tubes

You can buy them in all sizes. They are measured by how wide they are when folded flat. They come in 30” lengths for $10.00. I use 3 sizes 2”, 2.25”, and 2.5”. 1” strips of the 2” width make great “all-day” cock rings. They are about as thick as a regular rubber band. The size I use depends upon the girth I have after my last pumping and freezing section. pumping. You want it real snug but not too tight. Tight enough to squeeze your unit out to maximum length but not so tight that you can’s wear it for hours at a time. Also, sections of the 2.5” width make great ball sac stretchers. The sections you use will wear out (permanrently widen) in a couple of weeks. I have no affiliation with the company. I just know of no where else you can get them. I cut them into 3” sections and sheath them around the entire length of my unit. Sometimes I double up the layers. Be sure to wear a tight 1-inch section at the base…as a cock keep your unit kind of full. Make sure your unit is getting sufficient blood. Good luck, SS. MXL

Thanks, I’ll let you know how it works out.

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