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MagnumXL (the V-stretch guy) reporting!



Can you give us a link where we can view/purchase the liners?

Also, would it be possible to post pics of the various liners you use “in action”. A pic is worth a 1000 words and all that :)

I am going to get some of these tubes, but how do you put the them on? Lube, talc, erect or soft?

TG and JB

TG - Don’t have a link. Just put “venus for men” or “sybian” in your search engine and you will get the address. Search around the sight and you will find the “liners” for the hands-free masturbator device. These are the latex tubes you need.

JB - I cut the liners into 2 or 3 inch lengths, insert my fingers and open one up, then insert over your penis. Straighten it out. Place one around base area (with an erection or semi), another overlapping and covering midsection, then one overlapping it and covering the end of your unit. Wear all day if not too constrictive to blood flow. I usually use the 2,25 or 2.5 on my shaft. Experiment around. MXL

So for a beginner would you suggest doing some sort of warmup/cooldown routine like you had done? Wouldn’t that benefit all stages of PE? So wouldn’t it be better for people to start with a warmup - some sort of holding your stretch cooldown technique?

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Do some regular routine (warm up then, jelq, pump, clamp, etc.) to give your unit a good workout. Cool the unit down while still erect (gel pac, package of frozen peas, etc). Cover the erect unit with latex bands and wear for hours. You will just have to experiment. MXL

Hey Bro good to see you posting again :)

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Thank you very much MagnumXL for coming back and making such a brilliant contribution; the science of PE is an art as we continue to grow and sculpt our goals.Your input and that of other vets has been dearly appreciated.Your advice comes in handy as I am especially trying to improve my erect length and flaccid hang.

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