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Magnets and PE

Magnets and PE

I was looking around the net, and I came across an ankle brace that had magnets in it to promote circulation. I was just wondering if this idea would be safe for PE and if anyone has tried it with any success.

This thread…


…is about a Velcro wrist strap used as a sort of cock ring. It has magnets in it. (At least the original version of it did.) I think there’s some discussion of the magnets in this thread, but I may not be remembering correctly. The penis is all about blood, so it has a large inlet system and a good drainage system. IF magnets actually do anything for circulation (I have serious doubts) then it would probably have little effect on such a vascular organ. Kind of like putting an electric table fan on an oil well fire to make it hotter. The thing’s doing OK by itself and any “help” generated by the fan would not be noticed.

People here certainly have used magnets, since if you search for magnets you find 110 threads that match the term. I don’t know which of those threads might have info that you’re looking for. I didn’t check to see about bracelets with magnets were mentioned.

The now discontinued Homedics TheraP magnetic wristband was widely used here about a year ago, and some people liked it. Hopefully someone will comment on them.

edit: I see westla found the main thread on the topic.

All sorts of tests were done and every single one of them showed that even powerful magnet have no effect on blood. MRI machines works with giant super powerful magnets all around your body, could you imagine what would happen to you if your blood was affected by magnets?

I saw in Discovery Science a program about magnets and alternative therapies. A magnet the size of a big coin doesnt have a magnetic field powerfull enough to penetrate the human skin…so what effect could it have other than placebo…

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