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Magnets a PE supplement


In their initial study, magnets of 70 milliTesla (mT) field strength—about 10 times the strength of the common refrigerator variety—were placed near the rat’s blood vessels.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Originally Posted by twatteaser
Healing Value Of Magnets Demonstrated In Biomedical Engineering Study

Now, how to get this to work effectively and with proper application is a whole different story.

It seems to me that if the magnets healed injuries on rats by reducing swelling they would have a negative effect on PE, by bringing penises back to their original size.

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Originally Posted by mgus

Thanks for the info. I had no idea hemoglobin was un-magnetic.

(But then how did Magneto manage in X-men 2.)

LOL best comment ever. Magneto rocks. Wolverine is better though.

OK, here’s a quick update:

As soon as I got the peloop, which arrived in a plain, brown envelope with no instructions whatsoever, I placed it on my refrigerator to test it’s magnetic pull. Sure enough, it stuck to the door without any problems. I then proceeded to wear it for the rest of my day.

After about 3 weeks of wearing the peloop for 8 - 20 hours each day, I’ve noticed a faster recovery time between PE sessions. I experimented with several intense sessions in the course of the 2nd week and after wearing the peloop immediately after, my member showed all the healthy PIs and was ready for my next session the following day. Wearing the peloop during kegels seems to allow more blood to fill up the penis, which I feel has made the exercise more effective. I also noticed that using the peloop after masturbation or sex enables me to shorten that annoying refractory period so that I can achieve an erection again.

Now, I understand that since this is merely anecdotal evidence that my findings could be skewed by a placebo effect and I don’t discount that possibility. However, my expectations for the peloop are low; all things considered, I know it won’t add inches to my penis on it’s own but with the help of a regular PE routine, I think it can speed up the process. Basically, I feel that the peloop allows for better blood flow to the penis, and as a result, enables the penis to recover faster between workouts and sex.

I tried magnets but they kept getting stuck to my balls of steel.

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