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Magna Thera-p wrist strap?

Magna Thera-p wrist strap?

Anyone know what this is and what it does? Ive heard it mentioned a few times for girth gains. Can anyone give me the lowdown on what it is and how to use it.


Has anyone experienced an increase in gains from using this. I am interested in the theory of the penis healing in an enlarged state, but I have not seen or heard of anyone gaining from this concept. If gains have been made since using this product; were they exceptional (gained quickly or much gained) and in your opinion could they be attributed to the wrap?



I hope peforeal weighs in here; he is the one who came up with the idea and uses the strap more versatilely than I do.

For me the benefit has been in flaccid gain, maybe because I had already made my erect gain from pumping and PE exercises.

Before I started wearing the wrist strap after daily workouts, I had only modest flaccid gain in spite of good erect gains. Since the strap is the only new feature in my program, I’m pretty sure it has been the healing of micro-tears while in a larger flaccid state than normal that has caused the increase.

A side benefit of this device is not only that it seems to promote flaccid gains but that you get a very impressive “package” impression under trousers. If you want to get crotch-gazed at the office or anywhere else, this is the ticket.

PS: I see peforeal just made a comment above.



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