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"Macrolane" injection for girth.. In the UK??


Originally Posted by Trinity Landers
They like blowing money too jump start the economy?

Because natural PE is not equally effective for all users, I’ll sample myself, I’ve been at it for about a year and a half and can’t actually see a result except maybe now my penis has a rounded right side while the left side of the shaft is straight as an arrow. I’ve also increased my erectile quality slightly, improved my virility and ability to arouse myself, not to mention ejaculation is much stronger now. Went from dribbler to shooter in a month. Which is awesome by the way.

Start: (Dec 07) 6.5 NBPEL / 5.2 EG

Goal: 8.0 NBPEL / 6.0 EG

Current 7"NBPEL / 5.5 EG

Hey scotland have you had it done? Hit me up if you like would lurv to chat, I am in scotland to and was thinking of having it done,

You won’t have time the spirit, you are going to be busy deleting spam emails. ;) Unless you want me to remove your email address from a public forum. I’d guess your address has already been added to a dozen spam email lists.

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Post your questions here, don’t really have time for loads of emails

Has there been any progress on this guys, still fancy having it done.

It’s no longer available with the main PE surgeon in the UK. That should tell you all you need to know!

I’ve used this material as marketed for intra-articular joint injections multiple times in knees. Even in a well encapsulated space the effect decreases (joint pain from osteoarthritis) within months or even weeks in many cases. I’d like to see a study of patients responses after various periods post-penile injection. Is it injected directly into the CCs I suppose? The descriptions above sound like it’s placed outside and ‘migrates’ around. Doesn’t sound very attractive.

Unless someone has micropenis, they are out of their mind to even consider having a procedure like this done considering the potential risks and poor quality of results. Kick the idea to the curb. Seeing your goal is 7 X 6 I’m assuming you’re probably already around 5.5 - 6 X 5? If so, you are insane to consider having something like this done in light of the fact that your size is already more than adequate

what about this stuff sculpta? Anyone heard of or trued that stuff? it creates a fibrous type reaction to form new tissue i guess. looks like it is pricey but maybe more long term effects? I dont know. anyone?

Originally Posted by scotland

Post your questions here, don’t really have time for loads of emails

1. Were you/are you satisfied with the procedure?

2. Does it look natural? (Do your partners suspect anything?)

3. What was your before size and after size?

4. How long did it last? (If recent, is it decreasingly slowly or rapidly?)

5. Was the procedure comfortable, and how long did it take?

6. Total cost?

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...


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