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Lymph Buildup = hindered gains


I’m starting to post links and information on Lymph fluid.

Lymph fluid
Lymph fluid is the clear fluid that travels through the lymphatic system and carries cells that help fight infections and other diseases. It can also be called lymph.
Lymph nodes
Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped organs located along the vessels of the lymphatic system. Clusters of lymph nodes can be found in the neck, underarms, chest, abdomen, and groin. Lymph nodes store white blood cells that help fight infection. They also filter lymphatic fluid. Sometimes they are called lymph glands.
Lymph node dissection
Lymph node dissection is a surgery that removes lymph nodes so they can be examined to see whether they contain cancer. This surgery can also be called a lymphadenectomy.
Lymph node mapping
Lymph node mapping is a procedure to identify lymph nodes that contain tumor cells. Dyes and radioactive substances are usually injected into the area of the tumor to help the surgeon locate the lymph nodes. It can also be called sentinel lymph node mapping.
Lymph vessel
The lymph vessel is a thin tube that carries lymphatic fluid and white blood cells through the lymphatic system. It can also be called a lymphatic vessel.
Lymphatic system
The lymphatic system is a network of tissues, organs, vessels, and glands that produce, store, and carry cells that fight infection in the human body.…3B/Glossary.htm

Lymphatic Drainage of the Pelvis
Simply, the lymph system is the sewer system of the body. It consists of a large network of lymph vessels (much like veins), that carry a clear fluid called lymph (much like plasma). Along the pathway of these lymph vessels, from place to place, there are small bean-shaped bodies of tissue (called lymph nodes) that serve as filters. Refer to figure 3, below, to see how all of this is connected. These are the same type of lymph nodes that become tender and swollen under your jaw when you have a sore throat.

Lymph nodes are distributed throughout the body, including the groin and deep in the lower pelvis where you cannot touch them. The purpose of the lymph system is to remove infection, cellular debris and toxins from every part of the body. The final destination of the lymph fluid in the lymph vessels is to enter into the liver for final disposal and elimination via the gall bladder. Every part of the body needs a full and uninterrupted movement of lymph fluid in both directions, in and out. If there is poor movement or flow of lymph, then toxins accumulate and fluid starts to collect, like a backed-up sewer. The lymph fluid is moved along in the lymph vessels by gravity and by internal massage and pressure from those tissues that lay along side the lymph vessels. Spasm, contraction and shortening of various soft tissues can constrict the lymph vessels and cause backing up and stagnation of lymph – again much like a backed up sewer.

For any tissue, organ or area of the body to be healthy – the penis included – a good lymph circulation must service it, just like your house needs a good sewer system. With poor lymph circulation, tissue becomes easily diseased and does not heal well. Figure 3, below, illustrates the abundant lymphatic supply to the lower pelvis and genital region.

The tunica albuginea normally has a limited blood flow, and therefore poor oxygen supply because it is more like a tendon in nature; tendons generally don’t need and don’t have a huge blood supply. This is critical in understanding how the scar develops in the tunica in first place and how treatment should proceed. Like all parts of the body, if the blood supply and lymphatic drainage of the lower pelvis and penis are not correct, trouble can start. PDI treatment suggestions take these things into account.

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The heart - arteries - veins form both an outflow and return system for blood, carrying oxygen to tissues and return it to the heart/lungs for reoygenation. The lymphatic system acts as just a return path, picking up the excess protein and water which leak from blood vessels in small amounts. The lymphatics also pick up some substances made in the tissues they drain, and any foreign substances which enter them.

Lymph ducts connect lymph nodes. The movement of the lymph fluid depends on the pumping action of adjacent muscles and the contractions of the walls of the larger lymph ducts. There are valves inside the ducts which aid the pumping by preventing back flow of fluid. Eventually, the lymphatic system drains into the subclavian vein(i.e., just below the ‘collar’ bone). So fluid from the lower leg must fight gravity and end up in the upper chest.

The ‘normal’ flow described above works amazingly well, considering its complexity. However, if the lymphatic system is damaged (e.g. surgery or removal) or blocked (advancing cancer or other means), the protein continues to build up in the tissues instead of draining away. The excess protein leads to excess fluid and the tissues swell. Furthermore, the swelling results in less oxygenation of the tissues, interferes with their normal functioning and as a result they heal more slowly than normal.

You might ask, can anything worse happen than swelling. The answer is yes — in the form of an infection. The tissues swollen by lymphedema have a lowered immune response, have lower oxygenation and a high protein content — all of which increase your risk of infection.

7.4 bpl x 7 erect -- 6.25 x 5.8 flaccid

I can’t find those other links. I believe they were from Dr. Lin.

7.4 bpl x 7 erect -- 6.25 x 5.8 flaccid

I remember reading in a medical journal about how the diaphragm works as filter for the lymphatic system in much the same way the kidneys works as one for the blood. Removing toxins for their disposal via the intestines. According to what I read and the diagrams, the diaphragm was the last stop of the lymphatic system prior to the large intestines. Sorry I can’t provide a link for all of this, it was in some technical medical book I read a while back.

If I do get ambitious and find one, I’ll post it.

Back to the thread topic.

I don’t think lymph fluid actually hinders gains. I just don’t think it does anything to begin with.
I had some of the same problems that’s already been described. Fluid build up, etc. Then I injured myself and got a few hard lymph nodules and a swollen lymph vessel just in back of the glands. I wrote about it in the injuries forum not too long ago.

I should have seen it coming as all the warning signs were there. A lot of what you described in your original post.
I should also state that I have never had any discoloration from PE’ing with the exception of my vasectomy scar.
The scar is just a little mark on the underside way down at the base and that has gotten a little darker. But it doesn’t bother me because you have to be searching for it to find it. Besides, what is some one going to say? WTF is that? It’s my V scar. O’ okay, I thought it was an odd shaped freckle? Hell it blends with the chicken skin and everything thing else in that location anyways.

What ended up working for me to alleviate the injury was Neosporin Ointment. The fact that Neosporin is a mild antibiotic ointment and we are dealing with the lymph system here, makes it seem very plausible to me as to why it worked as good as it did.

The thing was, the Neosporin worked fast. Real fast at removing the lymph nodules. I’m talking like in less than 24 hours, and these things were big and hard and hurt. I was also real concerned about the swollen lymph vessel. My lymph glands in the groin were tender to the touch while the Neosporin was doing it’s job. To me that was also understandable, they were doing their job. When ever you get swollen lymph glands in the groin you can expect to experience some discomfort and tiredness in your legs as well. To me this is all normal because you either have an infection (VD?) or you’re slapping Neosporin on your wanker to fix your PE injuries. Whatever the case, your lymphatic system is doing the job it was designed for.

Now two things:

I am throughly amazed at the Neosporins effectiveness. I highly recommend it to anyone to treat this type of injury. Who knows, it may even work for T veins also. Certainly worth a try. Again, I highly recommend it. It was so damn fast acting. I don’t exactly understand how it was absorbed through the skin, but apparently it was. How much did I use. Enough to resemble jacking off with it. Which I did not do, but I did swath my dick in the stuff a couple of times in one day and left it on the whole day. Yes it makes a mess, but so will your dick when it explodes. This stuff works awesome. Now will some body else with an injury try it and back me up so that I know it’s not just me and my messed up body physiology that made it work.


Since this whole experience happened, I don’t experience much fluid build up if any at all from pumping, squeezing, clamping, etc.
What I do experience is some damn good plumpness that last for days. When I get the plumpness my dick doesn’t have that spongy feeling like it used to from pumping. It feels like good solid dick and I think I’m starting to experience some real and lasting gains from the PE’ing I’m doing now. I haven’t touched my dick in over a week now and during that time I”ve been staring at my own dick in wonder more than once.
it looks huge to me.Thick

I really don’t know what happened. After my injury I figured I was pretty much done with PE.
Now I feel like the injury was a catalyst for pushing past some sort of plateau that was hindering gains.
Now everything makes my dick look and feel bigger and fatter. And it seems to be more than just temporary.
I starting to gain in some real girth now and every once in awhile I wonder if this is really what I want. It looks big and I guess I get nervous for some reason. Then I get PeterDick complex and I think it’s small and she’s hiding the fact from me. Then I dork her one and I’m back to thinking; Yep this sure is what I want.

I’m also NOT experiencing any ED or PE related temporary ED as a result of all of this.

One of the other things that I find myself doing that may contribute to gains, is that I find myself periodically “chubing” it up through out the day when I’m around the house or in the car and I’m pretty sure I not going to be noticed. That might be OCD in that I can’t seem keep my hands off of it. Kind of like a habit I picked up. But I’m getting better about that. Trick is to find something else to do.

Okay that’s been my experiences over the last few months.
Maybe it was a contribution.

Just read this thread for the first time. I get a good bit of lymph build up from my ADS throughout the day, then I take it off to sleep. When I wake up 95% of the lymph swelling is gone. I don’t want my penis to rot off because of some weird infection. Is lymph build up that big of a deal?

Originally Posted by MustBeDreaming
Most clampers I see have a lot of fluid build-up like I have all around. This does give an illusion of real gains, especially when it doesn’t go away.

If gains do not go away, are they not gains? Now if you meant to say the build up stays for several hours, or a day or two before going away, then I agree, but if it is permanent, then they are gains.

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Flaccid 5+ inches on a good day. 4 1/2+ pretty much anytime. My gains have slowed to a snails pace, but I will not quit!!!!!!!


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