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low LOT

low LOT

Alright Folks. This LOT thing is driving me batty. I have looked about trying to find the answer, but there are so many threads about lot, it would take the better part of a year to sift through a search to find the right info, so here goes my question.

I have a LOT of 7:30. What is the best thing to do for gains in length? And separately, what is the best thing for me to do to gain girth? At the beginning of my PE career, My gains were very quick, now they seem to have stopped. I’d like to “shake the Etch e’ Sketch” and start a new method.

Any takers out there willing to help me get to my goal of 8x6? I was using the standard newbie routine as posted on this site. (in week three)


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With a low lot, you need to focus on tunica stretching for more length. Do a search on it, lot’s of info has been discussed about it.

For girth, lateral expansion is the ticket. For the supreme move, do a search on Bib’s uli thing and extreme ulis. Nothing finer in my opinion…

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Basically stretching above your LOT will lead to tunica gains. Check out my new stretch if you wanna put your tunica through hell!

New tunica/lig stretch: the Power Stretch!

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Stretching up should work your tunica.

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