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low cost ball zinger


low cost ball zinger

Do it with a 1.5 Volt accumulator

don’t use copper for electrode prefer StainlessSteel

see picture in member pics

for more explanation email me

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Where can I get the 1.5V accumulator?

in a store!


its’nt an accumulator but a battery

For how long have you been using it? Does it have same/similar effects as the original one supposedly has?

Thanks for your help.

The “accumulator” thing threw me at first too. Near as I can tell, it’s simply a fancy term for what we in the US commonly call a rechargeable battery. :) Please correct if I’m wrong.


rechargeable battery

sorry for my poor english

electro, sorry to bother you wiht this, I have no technical knowledge whatsoever, at the new picture that you have posted could you describe it in more detail,
From what I understand so far, I need 1.5V rechargable battery,
a string, stainles steel material to put around the battery,
however I don’t understand what is the other stuff in the picture and how do you make it.

Thanks again.


step 1

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step 2

step 2

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What material is the object to the left of the battery and what material is the wire that connects the battery and the object?


Thank you for the additional pictures. Now I understand. Thanks for sharing. How long have you used it? Have you noticed any results yet?


I think he has soldered a copper wire on the positive battery terminal and connected the wire to a stainless steel rod. The wire is wrapped with electrical tape.

It appears this set-up depends on the negative terminal making direct contact with the skin toward the rear of the scrotum. If I make one, I might use an additional lead from the negative terminal and position both electrodes on the sides of the scrotum. Either use lead-free solder for the connections or tape them well so lead isn’t in contact with the skin.

a copper wire is soft-soldered on the positive battery terminal and soft-soldered to a stainless steel rod. (at the start I use
copper rod but chemical reaction appear to my skin: green burn))
The wire is wrapped with electrical tape.

I use aluminium foil to repare the contact on all the surface of the battery after i had fixed the rope

I use it since 4 day and i don’t have anything to tell you about any effect. I have change the electrode position, carry them horizontaly upper and below the ball is more comfortable

hmm, 4 days and no effect? Maybe you should stick to the zinc and copper. I know I felt an immediate effect with that.

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