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LOT Question

LOT Question

I have read the LOT theory REPEATEDLY..

But am still confused :(

I pull straight up, kegel, have NO tugback. So my LOT is 12?

I have NO tugback until 9, then have tugback all the way through to 6.


Please help!

If my LOT is 12, which exercises are best?

As I am getting sooooooo confused!

Thanks for your help

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Normally you will have tugback until a certain point. That point is your LOT. Some people have reported having more than one LOT. If this is your situation, go by the lower number. If you have a low LOT, you should stretch the tunica (stretch upward); if your LOT is high, you should stretch the ligaments (stretch downward). A lot of newbies gain considerable amounts by stretching the ligaments. In short, a high LOT is a good indicator that you’ll gain a good amount by stretching downward. If your LOT is low, focus on stretching upward. But by all means, stretch all ways regardless. A lot of people don’t go by the LOT theory, and they do fine with PE.



Maybe an obvious question, but are you doing this erect or flaccid? Supposed to be flaccid.

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I’ve also recently read the LOT theory and I can’t seem to find any point on the “LOT clock” where I notice significant Loss Of Tugback. Is it a common thing for an individual to have no LOT what so ever?

Common: probably not; possible: certainly.

Important: probably not.

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