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Lot Question

Lot Question

I was wondering if you can determine the length of your ligs by your erection angle. My Erection angle is slightly above parallel to the floor. Does that mean my ligs are short and high and that I have a lot of inner-penis that I can pull out through stretching?

I think Bib stated that he did not notice a correlation between LOT and erection angle, but there is a clear difference in the experiment participants.

What is your LOT?


I have also thought this way, that erection angle is more of a determining factor than loss of pullback but bib wrote this:

As concerns erection angle vs. tug back angle loss, it must be realized that other factors affect erection angle other than lig tightness such as erection strength and tunica shape.

My thought is the variance of the strength of the PC muscle in test subjects. It may be possible to achieve a gain in flaccid length without seeing a correlating gain in erect length. My thought was to check erection angle even behind the scrotum to see if or how much of and angle there is between the lowest level inside the body verses the exterior erect level. This info should preview the most erect gain from the lig’s.

I will not say this is correct by any means, I am not an expert in this field and I do follow Bib’s theory and will continue to do so. I would rather follow the advice of senior members rather than go off in my own direction only to find out I was wrong. So the answer to the question is to find your lot. Work ligs until lot reaches 7:00 or nearly straight down, then switch to tunica stretches. Your erection angle should be fairly close to your lot. Here is the link to Bib’s theory if you haven’t read it.

Bib’s LOT Theory

PS. In no way am I questioning the advice of the vets here who have gained so much, while I am new here. I follow all advice before I attempt my own solutions.


I strongly support Bib on this issue. My LOT is 8:00 (I thought it was 7:00 for a while until I measured standing my a mirror) and my erection angle is anywhere from 9:30-11:00, depending on the intensity of the erection.

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