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LOT Question/some new ideas

LOT Question/some new ideas

Here is something interesting. Before the LOT theory was introduced I noticed that my ligs seemed to run on top and keep alot of the inner penis inside so I started stretching downward while feeling the lig at the same time. I went from 6.6 to 7ebp pretty quick. The strange thing is my LOT is between 7-8 oclock which means its my tunica needs more work. If I stretch straight up I still feel it mostly just on top (my Ligs feel like they run all along the top). This picture that I’ve seen before best describes:


So it looks like I have high ligs but I feel the pull back like a low lig.
I mostly doing v type stretch now and some ligs stretches thrown in.
Any suggestions/idea’s.

Also when measuring the erect penis do most push the penis parallel to the floor. Still cant beliieve that my 7ebp is above avg, guess it the lack of girth 4.75 is what makes it appear small to me still.

Finally has anyone jelq by first grapping a the base and squezzing and then with the other hand do some slow jelq? Cant do to many but it brought me from 4.5 to 4.75 EG pretty quick. I’ve doing mostly squezzes
lately and no more gain in girth lately.

Thanks to all that respond.

Not only do we have very similair stats, I’m having the exact same thoughts. When I try and do tunica stretches I only get ligs stretching! It’s just like you say. Also I get tugback quite far down, but I feel like donward JAI stretches are doing me good.

Originally posted by ICM
Also I get tugback quite far down, but I feel like donward JAI stretches are doing me good.

JAI’s work primarily for ligs and that was the key point, when I was trying to put things togeter developing my routine based on JAIs last summer. So, perhaps in your case it’d be best to do blasters towards your chest, since you have a low LOT, but if you’re feeling good about what you’re doing, no reason to change things up yet. I think.

A Man behind his mask.

Well I’m in a state of mild confusion over my exact LOT. My mentor recommends going against the LOT so I’ll be doing it at 8:00 for the moment, and lower and lower until my ligs don’t feel like they are stretching and I don’t see improvements. I want a DLD-low LOT before I go for tunica stretches.

Thanks Johan! I love your JAI stretch theory.

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