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LOT and Sleeping


Ah. Finally someone brought this topic up again. I was afraid of posting my thoughts about it because I read several times in the forum that people don’t believe the way how you wear your dick in your pants or how you sleep could affect the shape of it.

This was very confusing to me because how you place your dick over night is not so different from some PE exercises. It’s only slower and with less force. Just look at my signature to get my point.

Men get 4 times for about 30 minutes nocturnal erections per night on average if they are healthy. Teenagers maybe more. That makes about 2 hours erection time per night. If you sleep on your stomach and press your dick downwards you will stretch your ligs for sure. If you place your dick upwards while sleeping on the back and have some tight sleeping cloth on - like I did in my youth - you have a 2 hour erect bend per night. So it’s not surprising me that I’ve a prominent upward curve and had a high lot to start with. I never wore my dick downwards in my pants. Not at night and not at day. As a teenager I had many “upward erections” during the day too. In jeans and briefs that are even more unintentional erect bends. The opposite of me would be neneago. He said that he wore his penis all the time downwards. Maybe there were some additional reasons for his downward curve.

This topic came up several times in the thunders chat and all guys that had worn their dick upwards in their youth ended up with an upward curve.

Those who want to change their shape might use their night erections as additional PE but we should not forget that it took years to shape your dick like it is and your body was growing.
So beside your genes the shape and the tightness of your ligs is controlled by the way you place your dick in your pants.

So let’s check this. If your wear it in your pants:

- no lig stretch -> higher LOT
- errect bend upward -> slight or prominent upward curve
- higher erection angle

- lig stretch dureing erection -> lower LOT
- erect bend downward -> no curve or downard curve (in extremer cases)
- lower erection angle

We should do a poll on this one.

You've got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was. - Irish proverb

Maybe a poll is in order?

Definately start a poll! Maybe more options though.

Really regretting pushing it down now. I also think that during the night is where penile growth will take place during teenage years, if it is pushed down blood cannot circulate correctly, sort of like a kinked hosepipe. Where as pointing straight up allows the penis to get full blood circulation.


Interesting to see people posting on this topic again! When I first posted, I was just throwing this out there as a shot in the dark.

I’m wondering if when you are sleeping on your stomach, does it prohibit nightly erections completely?


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