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LOT after a hanging session

LOT after a hanging session

My LOT is quite low: 07:00 / 07:30
I’ve discovered that after a 1 hour hanging session (at 11:00) my LOT is increased to 10:00. The next day my LOT is dropped down to 07:00 / 07:30 again. I don’t now if we can use this information for something, but I must say that the increase to 10:00 was not what I had expected.

Greets from Holland…

Hey Vanloon,

It sounds like you’re giving your tunica and BC muscles a good stretch with your 11:00 “hanging.” The natural consequence of this is to raise your LOT, temporarily at first and more permanently later.

Since LOT is basically a measurement of the relative tightness of your ligs and tunica, stretching your tunica by hitting upward angles tends to raise your LOT. Also, stretching your ligs by hitting downward angles tends to lower it. This makes perfect sense.

Enter your measurements in the PE Database.

It’s called the see saw effect (discovered by Hobby).

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