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Losses and age

Losses and age

I was just thinking about PE gains and potential losses of these gains if stopping exercising completely. Some say that they have lost nothing while others mention big losses. I have not been investigating these comments but could they be related to age? When you are young the body has more flexibility and better capacity to adjust to temporary changes, e.g. in skin increment. The opposite is true when you are old leading to worse flexibility. This put together would indicate that the potential of losing your PE gains is bigger when you are young as compared to when you get old.

Am I right in this assumption?


From 21 to my mid 30’s I lost .75 in length before PE. I will never stop PE completely but I will go into a maintenance mode when my goals are reached.

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I think because we are all different from a body chemistry/tissue point of view that it would be difficult to generalize that older men lose faster when they quit PE.

Some atrophy with aging is normal, a lot of that having to do with the Use It, Or Lose It rule. Men tend to have less frequent nocturnal erections as they age, and less sex. (Important to keep both going.)

There is also plenty of evidence in our archived posts here that older men often make faster gains than younger ones. I lost a bit when I laid off PE for some months (I’m in my early 60s) but the loss was not very dramatic, about .39 in length. I started a more rigorous maintenance program only because I am so vain that I didn’t want to have to turn in my Platinum 8” Club card. :-)



I think I was rambling too much. What I wanted to say is; older men keep their pe gains when stopping while younger men loses them faster.


As I posted over on, I do not see why a younger man would lose gains faster than an older man. Just does not make logical sense to me. If anything it would seem the opposite, that if an older man engaged in PE, got his gains he wanted, and then quit totally…never did any jelqing on occasion for continued penis health (I dont believe you need “maintenence” to keep gains…only for penis health)…I would think he as an older man with better potential for more health problems and poor blood flow, would lose gains more quickly. Similar to how older men are more likely on average ….assuming most men do not do PE or any sort of exercises to maintain penis health as they age….to develop erection problems and lose size with age.


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