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loss of motivation need help

loss of motivation need help

Hows it going everyone? I’m basically writting this because I have been doing PE on and off with very very little results. I am a very healthy 22 year old, in great shape and eat very healthy. I am very disapointed with the lack of gains I was able to make from PE. I have tried everything, I own a bib, stretched, jelqed etc. I’m really need help. I have read pleanty of posts, I understand alot about PE but for some reason I can’t get the gains I want. Can someone suggest a routine, not the basic starter ones, or something that will help. I am planning on starting again in September. And my goal is going to be a 1/2 inch by January. I am going to stick with it but I need help and some pointers. Any advice will be much appreicated!

Some people just are slow gainers. You say you have been off and on maybe you could give it a solid committed six month effort and see what happens. Go with hanging if you have the time.

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I echo Dino…

The way I see it PE is like running on a travelator. If you run lon enough and hard enough you’ll end up at your goal, but if you stop too often and for too long you just end up where you started.

So if you’re not willing to go uninterrupted for long enough you’re probably wasting your time.

See Ya,


Dont lose hope man, if you stay at it somethings bound to change. I agree with Dino, give hanging some time, that and a little more patience and you should definitely see some results.

Im the same way with body building. I bust my ass hard in the gym 4 days a week, I switch up my routines every few months, lift heavy, take in lots of protein, and Im still a very slow gainer in comparison to others but I dont give up. It takes me longer to grow, but Im getting there. Now with PE its not as bad. My first month-month and half I gained over 1/4”. Im now doing a hanging routine for a few months and will take some more measurements then. Im shooting for 8” NBP by Jan. I may not reach that but you got to have goals!

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