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Loss of base girth from clamping


Didn’t cement mine …

Originally Posted by RandomGiant
I have actually seen a decrease in my shaft girth after clamping maybe about a year ago. It seemed like in the beginning everything was getting much bigger, but then it started feeling smaller and I measured a little under 6” girth, and I had been over 6 because that what I was born with. It scared the hell out of me and I ended up stopping for a bit. I came back to it and started gaining again, now I am sometimes just over 6.5 at base. Keep in mind it is pretty common, at least for me, to have some kind of girth fluctuations throughout the measurement days.

What’s your routine when you felt you were losing your normal girth and what’s your routine when you started gaining again?

Originally Posted by helloeverybody
I use a large cable clamp (as the smaller ones are too small and hurt)

I don’t understand this. I’m 5 inches at the base and find the medium clamp to be about right. You are about the same size as me.

I think he’s referring to the medium clamps northof60 rather than the large size. The smalls are too small for 99% of all penises and the large are too large for 99% of all penises. :)

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Yes, I was referring to the medium ones. Sorry.

Either you lost uncemented girth gains from a previous routine or what I think is more likely you hurt your penis by overworking it. If you overworked your dick you just can’t get fully erect for a while making it look like you shrunk. Take a break for a week and reread the threads about clamping and ease into a lighter routine.

Originally Posted by helloeverybody
Not exactly “baseball bat” look which is caused by the enlargement of the head of the penis greater than the rest, but I am talking about the actual decrease in the base girth caused by clamping.

After about a month of beginners’ clamping (2x8 minutes every other day) my shaft girth has decreased, whereas there is no noticeable gain in the rest of the unit.

How can I retain my base girth while clamping, and more importantly, how can work my base girth? Most exercises (squeezing, jelqing, clamping.) bypass the base and the “inner penis”, so I am quite stuck.

Redz Frendo technique can correct that plus give the killer girth from base to glan.


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