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Loose skin

Loose skin

I have always had really loose skin at the base of my penis and my balls hang really low. This makes my I guess average penis at 5.75 inches bp look very small. The skin/fat pad covers at least 1 inch of my shaft. I´m very slim in general and have not much fat on my body. But at my penis everything literally hang down. From what ive seen from other guys here they seem to have really tight skin at the base. Are there any more people born like me, or experiencing my problem?

Well my general question is then; how should I do my PE to prevent further loosening of the skin. I think the manual stretching already has given me more as I feel lots of stretch on the skin. I know this loose skin problem isnt really a problem when it comes to sex but it isnt that fun when im flaccid and half my penis(almost) is under the skin. This feels so shitty. Im not just small but the skin make me look even smaller.

After you have finished PE it will look better. Putting some cold water (20-25 degrees Celsius) on the balls at your morning shower does also wonders.

Mine hang low too and unfortunately jelqing won’t help reverse that, but it will make your penis look bigger after awhile. Consider also that lots of guys actually stretch their ball sacks to achieve the “low hanger” look you already have.

My balls hang low and I prefer it that way it makes my nuts look bigger, plus while your having sex the skin tightens up and pulls them close to your body so I don’t see why it would bother people.

Yeah, I have the same problem. I think my balls are entirely too saggy. It is kind of embarassing being in your 20’s and feeling like you have the saggy balls of a 50 year old. Anyways, to avoid the “sag”, what I have been doing is:

for length: Manual stretching with latex gloves on so that I can get a real good hold near the glans, so that I don’t stretch too much skin, and

for girth: Just clamping, Uli’s, and trying out the new cloth-strip all day light “plumping” technique.

I don’t jelq at all because for me, whenever I used to do them, the skin would get really loose, and my balls would sag and I would “turkey neck” really bad. So I just do compression-based exercises now. Obviously, if you won’t be jelqing for a good while first, you should really ease into these SLOWLY so that you do not hurt yourself.

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Same deal here mate. I like the look just as crippledhobo says… girls get down on it to. Have sex with enough girls and you’re going to eventually find one that absolutely loves it when your balls slap them when you’re going at them from behind. Few things in this world turn me on more than a girl that gets off on that.

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