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Looking Back: What would you change?


Originally Posted by Yoyototo
I believe if I had more consistency I would have been finished years ago but I had the on and off thing going for awhile. I also would have purchased an extender/ads and used those with consistency. Of course I know what it takes for me now and this year I’m going to the next level.

Woah your short term goal is 10 inches, if you’re over 9 that’s monstrous. 9 NBPEL is my very final goal! But that might take me like 10 years! Lucky dude, you want to do porn or something?


Originally Posted by Luka89

Hmm and I would buy the pump earlier.

Interesting. I am only four months into PE. So far the only real growth I have experienced is after pumping. Significantly improved my sex life.

Can you elaborate on your experiences with pumping?

If I could go back in time, and I would but my broken time machine will not work, I would of been more patient and just of taken my time more and not try to just force an issue. Overtraining is like trying to break Newton’s laws; just wont work (didn’t Newton have a micro?). If I could back I would of not tried to become the hero of TP and just been the good old plain Mr. T.

Starting stats: Feb 08: [7.3 BPEL * 4.9? EG]----Now: [8.00 BPEL * 5.1-5.2 EG]------GOAL: [8 NBPEL * 6 EG]

Perception is reality.

I wished I had not taken keflex. It caused a year and half absence.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

It’d be nice to see ThunderSS’s post here. Simply because of the dynamics of the website, he’s read and seen more than all of us by far. It’s interesting that he rarely posts personal comments…they are usually in the form of a question.


Originally Posted by LongVehicle
It’d be nice to see ThunderSS’s post here. Simply because of the dynamics of the website, he’s read and seen more than all of us by far. It’s interesting that he rarely posts personal comments.they are usually in the form of a question.


He knows all, he’s sitting their stroking his 20 incher laughing at us!

In my off time due to injury, I’ve been on a kick lately of spending hours on Thunder’s, discovering little buried gems here and there that really stand out in my mind as superb. I’m a firm believer in thread revival if it is appropriate (looks like no one’s touched this one since 2010). Just three pages of this have really proven a phenomenal read, granting me insight as well as access to several members who I’d never read posts from before (from an older Thunder’s generation). From there I can view this person’s profile, find all the thread and posts they’ve ever written, and follow their history through the time on these forums - going so deep as to find moments that gave them inspiration, or beliefs that were completely changed over the course of their posting here, such as PEforreal’s view on pumping practice and permanence in 2002 as compared to now in 2013). Thus from one old thread my search for knowledge can web out into a series of clicks that bring me to somewhere even more inspiring or helpful. It’s one of the most helpful ways I’ve found to explore Thunder’s. And I hope that by bumping this thread, someone else can be granted the insight that it granted me as I was looking into LongVehicle’s history since he is the creator of the awesome “Are Pumping Gains Permanent? — Wrong Question!” thread. On a sidenote, the great part about Thunder’s place is, I’ve been here almost a year and still each day I’m finding more and better ways to utilize this forum. Among the many PE and non PE forums I’ve ever been a part of, this forum easily stands out as the most well organized and searchable of them all.

Enough of that though…if I could go back to day one:

-I would cancel my workout session and not let myself begin PE until at least 3 months more of dedicated reading and searching around Thunder’s (this means literally hours per day of reading. Not hard for me, this place is great).
-I would know that LESS IS MORE (for me)
- I would either A). jelq with WAY less reps than newbie routine (starting at 20 max) and try jelqing at 50 % or LESS erection level (that’s right…I said ‘or less’ lol), or B). ditch the jelq completely (jelqing as I applied it seems to be just not for me - causes pain that lasts a LONG time).
- Would use warm water submersion or infra red lamp as warmup rather than a stinky old rice sock (DEF not as effective as the first two methods listed).

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