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Long time no post....

Long time no post....

BUT, I’m back and re-committing myself to PE untill I reach my girth goal of 6.75”. 3/4” to go…see ya guys around! Wow, lot of newbies!


Glad your back I saved you a stool at the Bar,,,,,Hey bartender two pints over here and a couple of shots,,,,fuck it leave the bottle. Hey Thunder comon Bro stop drinking the all the jack from the bottle wait till we pour it in the shot glass. Hey here come the rest of the guys


LOL, oh man how’d you know Jack was my drink?

Shocking Pics

Hey SWM,

Some of us are still freaked out by your pics. You say you are only 6 in around. Wow, I think you are the one guy here who is actualy larger than he claims to be. (lol)

A lot of questions were asked in that thread. Could you answer some of them either there or here.

I guess we just want to know how big is was when you started and what the hell did you feed that monster to grow it so big?


penismith questions??

Which post are you referring to? I started about 2 years ago now at 6x5 erect. I never kept a “workout log” so I dont recall everything I’ve done since starting. But, from what I can remember I started with jelqing my first month. Something like 30 minutes a day…I tryed counting reps and found that to be illogical and annoying trying to keep trac of how many I’d done and not lose track. LOL, my second month forward I switched to “power jelqs” basically a jelq with a 3-5 second stroke per rep. 30-45 minutes a day. 80% ish erect. My longest jelq sessions were no longer than an hour from what I can recall. Bye the way I was doing a 5 on 2 off routine to the best of my ability…was in the military back then and my schedule was somtimes unpredictable…I’d go for a couple weeks without any PE sometimes. (yes I was married and lived in base housing so I had privacy) Not sure when in the first year but, I’d discovered the old ezboard forum ….and was initially very shocked when first reading all the posts on HANGING! After a couple months of swearing I’d NEVER do that….I was overwelmed by curiosity and built my own Home made BIB. I used wieghts with the BIB for several months (again I dont recall how many) off and on….very sporatic. Then when the man came out with his production model I ordered one and used it a couple months. I’d attribute my first 1/2” of erect length gain to jelqing. About the same amount of initial girth gain to jelqing as well. The next inch of length came from hanging. The next half inch of girth was from assorted squeezing/Uli type exercises. Like I said I never kept a workout log so I honestly dont know when exactly the gains came….I mean I just measured every other month and sometimes I’d be bigger and sometimes not. I guess if I was trying to give anyone advice…it would be to keep a workout log! LOL, and be persistant. My current size is honestly 7.5x6 erect. Thats bone pressed. 7x6 non bone pressed. I’ll post another pic in the member pics area. It’s a newer one …maybe a month old. A side shot. I dont know why any of you would be “freaked out” by my penis! I’m bigger than average but, damn I’m not that big ….there are guys here bigger.


When you jelq and squeeze you have to grow be over 7 girth your huge in those pictures. No way your 6 after a workout.


Well either I’m telling the truth ….downplaying my “real” size ….or everyone else is lying and claiming their 5” girth is 6…making my REAL 6” girth appear larger than it is? NO, I’m really 6” around I do get a little larger than that post workout…I’ve measured 6.5” right after…that pic was taken “cold” though.

Ive seen the pics.

Maybe he just has really, really… really thin legs? ;)

LOL, no man I havent scared any away yet. ;)

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