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Long Threaded Screws for Vac-extender

Long Threaded Screws for Vac-extender

Does anyone know if a hardware store would sell the threaded screws that are used with the vac-extender, or any extender I suppose? I’m looking to get a set that measures at 12” in length, just for the purpose of using it for a long while without replacing the rods.

Yes, you can get it at most hardware stores. I see it typically in 3’ lengths and you would have to cut it with a hacksaw or metal wheel or whatever.

IIRC, the vacextender 1 uses a size 8 rod at 32 tpi, and I think the vac 2 uses 10x24. Bring a piece of rod with you to the store to double check.

Horny Bastard

The home depot has them for 79 cents or so, and you can get them in a 1 foot or two foot length. Go in, and ask for all-thread. Ask one of the people that looks like a hardware store clerk, the damn college kids don’t know what all thread is. (I know this from going in, asking and getting a blank stare.) It will have a tag on it that says #10-24x12” and the ends of it will be painted yellow.

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