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Long term effects of PE

Long term effects of PE

Do any of you guys ever wonder/worry about the long term effects of PE?

Perhaps in 10 years we’ll all have some serious dick problems. Who knows?

I was reading the other day about how collagen production within the CC can cause erectile dysfunction. I seem to be one of the few members of the board that has problems resulting from PE. My erections are decent but never *rock hard* anymore, and I don’t know why. The only thing I’ve done to my dick is PE.

PE SMART - Quality is infinitely better than quantity. Monitor your progress. Make changes accordingly.


No, I don’t worry about longterm effects. It’s been three years of PE’ing in some form or another, and my dick is bigger and harder. Perhaps your less than rock hard erections are due to not taking reasonable periodic rests and letting your dick take a mini vacation. Have you tried an extended break to see if that makes a difference?

Also, for some individuals certain techniques are harsher on their dick’s recovery than others. For me personally, aggressive stretching takes a toll on my buddy, so I hardly do this at all anymore. I prefer to concentrate on pumping, dryjelqing, ADS wrapping and some lightweight hanging (golf club weights).


I don’t think it has any long term negatives.

Peforeal, I have some of those golf weights too. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to be wearing them. :)

Ironically, I found PE by searching “E.D.” on the net. Now, after a year of PE, my erections are like titanium.

Originally posted by MDC
I don't think it has any long term negatives.

Peforeal, I have some of those golf weights too. I guess it wouldn't hurt to be wearing them. :)


I’ve recently begun to use the golf weights on a regular basis all evening when I get home from work. They are working very well for further increasing my flaccid size, plus it’s easy to do. I’m using 4-5 of them on my shaft and wrap right below the glans with some ace self-adhesive bandage to keep them in position. That’s it. I then wear them all evening, taking breaks every 20 minutes or so. Worn under baggy boxers and loose shorts, they’re not detectable.


Peforeal is right about the breaks.

I recently healed up from a pumping injury that left me with a couple of blisters on my head! Anyways after letting the sores heal and abstaining from PE for about 2 weeks. That second week I had some killer erections, probably as hard as I’ve ever been. I’m going to start taking more days off than before.

I also plan to alternate pumping and hanging when I can afford to get a Bib hanger.

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As long as the long-term effects include growing a huge dick, then no worries here.

Becoming.... Godsize

Only real side effect I have had after almost five years of off and on PE…has been my discoloration. Nothing else though.

So far all good here, but if not careful you could cause some serious damage. I also have some discoloration also.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

From what I’ve learned here about the internal workings of the dick and how they function and react to applied stress, no. Sounds like a little discoloration is all.

I would love to have the “problem” that Bib has:

1. Sitting on it,if not careful.
2. Dick falling in the toilet when taking a dump.

Your the man,Bib

Also, in this doofus’ humble opinion the health of your penis isn’t independent from the rest of you; general health problems like vascular issues, skin problems, etc. will definitely influence long term penile health.

A holistic approach is best in any kind of physical improvement one undertakes- exercise, rest, diet, genetics, environment- all of these things are factors.

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-Bertrand Russell


You make some good points about overall physical health being maintained and contributing to the overall health of one’s dick.

I have definitely tried to clean up my diet recently, by reducing my consumption of breads, starches and sugars. I have definitely noticed a difference. I now mostly eat protein (meat, chicken, fish), fresh vegetables (I can’t get enough cucumbers) and occasional fruit (a modest amount of mangos from my mom’s tree in Hawaii). I’ve dropped a quick 7 lbs. with maybe another 15 more to go to be where I’d like.


Hmmm…. awwwshucks, i’ve been wondering the same thing as you have been. When i was thinknig long term, i was thinking like 10 - 15 years from now. I’m still 19, and maybe I’ll have a lot bigger dick in 10 - 15, but if I become impotent from it somehow, than a bigger dick wouldn’t mean much either. Just some thoughts I ponder about long term PE. However, everyones comments is pretty assuring. Anybody have kids (as in impregnate) while doing some long term PE?

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