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Long penis = female offspring


Long penis = female offspring

No where on this forum have I seen the effects of penis lengthening on the sex of offspring which may be of concern to young members. The sex of offspring is determined entirely by the male since he hs both male and female sperm whereas the female has only female eggs. Anyhoo, the male’s semen contains about 3X as many female as male sperm but the female sperm are much smaller and swim slower. So the deeper the sperm are deposited in the vagina, the shorter the swimming distance to the fallopian tubes leading to the ovaries. This, of course, favors the greater number of female sperm and enhances the chances of a female offspring by a factor of say 3X. Knowing his allows a couple to be somewhat selective as to offspring sex by limiting the penetration when ejaculating. The alternate is of course also true, a short erect penis deposits the sperm far from the fallopian tubes, favoring the much faster swimming male sperm and produces more male offspring. Short penis fathers may enhance the chance of female offspring by using a pipette to inject the sperm close to the fallopian tubes OR PRACTICE PE TO LENGTHEN THE ERECT PENIS. The erect penis has stayed about 5.75” average for generations because that produces about a 50/50 mix of offspring. Just remember long equates with female offspring and short equates to male offspring. A layman’s version.

that’s a very interesting theory.

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Interesting theory, but I don’t think I agree too much with that. I know one guy from HS who was pretty well endowed, 8”, and he has had 3 male children and no females. Anyone else have input on this who actually have had children? Kind of a curious topic…

I measured 8.25” when I got my three little girls. That would assess the theory.

This is good to know...

Whether it holds any truth we’ll never know BUT, if I ever decide to procreate, my girfriend will be wondering why I’m fucking her with the head of my dick only.

Hmm are you sure this is true? When you refer to sperms swimming, dont you mean how fast they can swim in the fluid? I dont think it depends where you cum, because the sperm wont swim without the fluid, so…doesnt seem logic to me.

If that fact about male vs femal sperm is true that is indeed a very interesting theory. But ya then the obvious solution is not to cum so far inside =p easily solved.

My dad had 5 boys and no girls, i should ask hehe

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Bud-do likes to bulshit and mess with peoples minds. lol

IF this is true, this stuff is pretty fascinating…

that was pretty funny…

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I’ve heard the same thing. The idea about a bigger dick=girls. The concept behind it has never been explained and this explanation doesn’t help me understand how this could be true. In theory, if the female sperm, as it is being called, is the slower swimmer, does it matter how deep the penis is in the vagina? Won’t the so called male sperm still out swim the female? I never heard of a slower runner outrunning a faster runner just because it was a shorter distance. I mean it happens but I can’t see how this theory just seems like it is either wrong or a lot is missing.

I wish if anyone knew a better way to explain this they would.

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So that’s it! That’s why my first child was a boy and the second a girl. My unit is getting BIGGER!!!! Muhahahahaha!


We now return you to your regularly scheduled show.

I think I have hear this has alot to do with temperature and diet too.. There must be multiple factors concerning this.

Diet can alter the chances, it has something to do with the box’s acidity. it gives an edge like card counting but for baby batter. Not foolproof at all, just an edge.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

When I was in 6th grade I remember my teacher saying that sex was determined by the acidity of the uterus. Basically the male or female sperm had a better chance according to the acidty of the fluid, but if your theory has any truth to it that is VERY INTERESTING!!!!!

Looks like all Thunder’s memebers will be having GIRLS!

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