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Long penis = female offspring


>How many wives?

None of my daughters are my wives. That’s kinda weird…


>…it actually stated the opposite, the deeper the semen gets deposited, the more likely it will be a boy.

I have 12 sons also.


I actually agree with this, my girls ex was 10 inches, and he left her with 2 girls. :( bloody big dicked bastard, lol.

I have to disagree with the theory simply because my best friend has an 8 inch dick and has 3 boys and on the opposite side my brother-in-law only has about 5 inches and has 2 girls.


If true, length could be a factor.

However, I agree with wadzilla that the fact you can ejaculate with force equivalent to several feet would make length trivial in terms of sex determination.

I don't know if I believe anything of what I just wrote but will pretend to for the sake of discussion.

We have 4 boys and the last child was a girl. In all of our reading on this there seems to be many factors. Acidity/alkalinity, the amount of juices present by the female as well as the male, and the depth of penetration. Everything that I have ever read has leaned toward the deeper the more likely to be a male. Shallow arousal with the female not being aroused supposedly enhances the chance of a girl. As for us, it seemed more like a gambling with too many odds to really be able to “fix” the bet.

We just thanked God for healthy children.

My dad has a small penis, and he has a total of 10 boys and 2 girls from 3 different marriages

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Is sex of a child really predetermined at the sperm stage, I thought all babies were physically female until the later stages of pregnancy anyway

From the best of my (university student) biological knowledge, the expression of the Y chromosome is what determines a male gender. The ovum by itself is simply half (haploid) as defined by it’s chromosome pairs - it is natively “X”. However, for a female it requires the X from the ovum and the X from the sperm, becoming an XX fertilized zygote. Of course, if the combination is XY, then a male zygote occurs.

Gender is decided pretty much instantly depending on which chromosome the “winning” sperm carries, either X or Y. However, what you probably heard is that many of the genitalia and sex characteristics do not develop before the fetus stage. Then again, remember that in utero, we all had tails and gills - so a lot changes :)

Originally Posted by AndersS
Hmm are you sure this is true? When you refer to sperms swimming, dont you mean how fast they can swim in the fluid? I dont think it depends where you cum, because the sperm wont swim without the fluid, so…doesnt seem logic to me.

Correct. This theory implies that if you mastrubate and leave some semen on the floor it will move. Everybody who supports this theory: Go try it. :p

This is just one flaw.

What’s the problem with this? My cleaning lady became pregnant lately - I bet it will be a boy :chuckle:

...not buried yet, another 5" ahead!

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When i have kids im only cuming wid the tip of my dick in thanks !!!!!!!!!

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Lets say that men with long penises do get more daughters than boys while men with shorter penises get more boys. Assume that penis length is somewhat heritable from the dad. Then wouldn’t the average length of the penis shorten through generations since more boys with shorter penises are born than boys with longer penises. (=

There are so many determining factors, even if the motility of male sperm were faster, it might not even make a difference. I assume it’s analogous to the penis size debate: so many determining factors that one cannot establish a good enough correlation.

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I think I’m to old to have kids.

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my uncle has 6 girls no boys, my pastor has 8 girls no boys. their penises must be at least a foot long hehe


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