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Long lasting/permanent spot

Long lasting/permanent spot

This is a copy of a post I made on the newbie forum, but it seems nobody there has had this problem, so I’m re-posting here to see if any of the old-hands can advise me.

Do you think it’s OK to start again, or is a freckle sized spot (bigger than pin-prick) an indicator you shouldn’t ignore and allow to recover fully?

I stopped all PE when I noticed it, then re-started for a couple of days, but then thought I should let it heal fully. I have left it completely alone for at least 28 days now.

I have a feeling I got this from gripping too hard when stretching, and maybe crushing a vein or capillary but I’m not sure.

I should also point out that I’ve noticed that the area around the spot is a lighter pink colour compared the rest of my glans - I’m fairly sure I’m not imagining this, although it is an effect I’ve noticed less frequently within the last week or so.

I had a very slight stinging pain in the glans for a while which came and went, but that at least seems to have gone now. The pain wasn’t really localised to the spot, but felt more “internal” in the glans around the area.

I tried hot wraps and massage under the shower, but if anything it just made it worse, and the stinging pain came back so I stopped. It seems better just to leave it alone. The thing is, in terms of appearances it seems more or less unchanged. It is more noticeable at some times than others, but no real difference.

Has anyone been left with longer lasting spots and just gone on with PE, and had them fade eventually when the penis grows new capillaries?

None of the vets have experienced this problem either? This is a little worrying.

Can somebody give me an opinion on this problem? - this thread has been read by over 100 people now. Many thanks in advance.

Time to move on. The spot may eventually go away and it may not, but if it was originally caused by a ruptured capillary, the break has long since healed by now.

When you start up, take it easy. Use moderation and self control. PE should not be done hard or with a lot of force. As you have learned, all that does is cause damage and that slows you down. So if you want to make progress and keep on a steady path, moderation is the key.

Stinging and crushing should no longer be a part of your PE vocabulary.

Many thanks gprent!

I thought I was taking things quite easy - just doing the newbie routine. However I found it hard to grip my under glans for manual stretches hard enough for it not to slip, but when gripping that hard I would notice the pressure/colour of the glans was a bit concerning.

I will try to start up again with five minutes or so of light jelqing only, and see what happens. I have just bought some skin care oil used for blemishes etc. called “bio-oil” which seems similar in content to the the ingredients of the “vein oil” thread. Hopefully this might have some benefit. I will post here if I notice any improvement from using it.

I started talking ginkgo today, and I hope the improved circulation from using it might also help.

Ginkgo improves circulation by thinning the blood and I think thinner blood may make it easier for leakage past the capillaries thus possibly increasing spotting tendencies. Just a theory.

oobie, use a piece of toilet paper or similar when gripping for stretches. You will get better grip with less pressure.

You should be fine starting again gently. I know you will monitor for any problems and build up intensity slowly.

gprent - I might lay off of PE for a little longer whilst I give the ginkgo and bio-oil a try, and see if I can clear up the problem. Interesting theory about ginkgo though.

firegoat - Thanks for the tip! When I start back on the stretching I will give it a try.

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