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Lonely Penimaster for sale

Lonely Penimaster for sale

I haven’t used this for many months and since I don’t see myself ever getting back into using an extender it’s time to cash in. Everything is in good condition and I’m living proof you can gain from this. Wrapped parts are new. The head supporter (although unwrapped- replacement part wasn’t wrapped from GER) is new. The unwrapped parts have been washed thoroughly and sanitized to my best ability. The unwrapped head strap has always been used with cloth-wrapping beforehand. Warranty is supplied from May ‘06. Everything is padded, bagged, boxed, and ready to ship upon receiving payment.

(The new warranty is all you need, but I supplied the first one- with my address cut off from it. Pmdevice doesn’t issue stamps, but the new warranty is fully complete with a MSP stamp/color and letter code so you can reorder spare parts if you need. The date of purchase is written and marker’d by myself on the sheet for remembrance of purchase date also).

I always idle this site, so if I don’t respond to your PM right away I’ll get to it as soon as I return. Firm on $90.00 (s&h inc.) domestic only and preferably close to the east coast. I have no paypal account. Thanks for looking.

Once the money has settled in my account I’ll PM/email you the day of shipping.

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Bumping for mid-day visit wave

Ok, I haven’t heard from a couple people yet. I’m tired of having this box in the house so, even though I thought $90 was a decent price, I’ll lower it to $85. That’s as low as I’ll go. PM if interested in buying and close to the east.

Still available, no one has claimed this yet.

How much did you gain from it? How long was it used for?


I gained a good .5 from it during the first couple months I was dedicated to it. After that, during a month-2 months 80% of the time it was locked in a safe, only another 1/8. It hasn’t been touched for a good 5 months.

Hope you like it.

Item is no longer available, thanks buyer.

Yo guys, haven’t been on here in awhile! I tend to start things back up sometime soon and get more active once again. I never did sell this and unfortunately it’s still in the box just as described sitting around the house b/c the buyer never sent me the money after many months :bart: , and frankly I just didn’t update this when I took my leave.

Sorry about that, but I’ll start this back up for $85.00 (shipping included)- US Postal money order preferred. No international. If anyone is interested, as this thing does work, PM me.

—Now I got a million new pages/posts to read.

Payment is now pending with a new buyer. Will update once shipment is fully completed on my end to close the deal and this thread finally :) .

I have a fastsize with a vac-extender headpiece for sale - anyone interested?

PE START (11/10/07) 6.0 NBP x ~5.1 CURRENT (3/07/08) 6.75 NBP x 5.5 - 7.25 BPEL

1/4" with Noose extender (11/06-03/07) - Zero gains with Vac-hanging/Extender and ADS (05/07-11/07) -

1/2" gain with modified Vac-Extender (/w spring loaded compression bars) and manual routine since 1/10/08. ----- Having erection issues? Get off the aspartame! I did and a couple months later my cock is hard as a rock!

This can finally be locked up. Item is shipped and cashed. Thanks buyer and TP.

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