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Locker Room talk...

Locker Room talk...

I just remembered this experience that I had in HS…it may lift some people’s spirits.

Anyways, some guys were having conversation on their penis size, and they were all saying that they were close to or a bit over 7 inches. Of course, like every guy, they probably added a few numbers to their stats…maybe even a whole inch.

Well, I didnt get into this conversation because I was embarrased, since at the time I was nearly an inch and a half smaller than even the smallest guy.

When I was hanging out with these two kids, we were joking around and a put a tennis ball case down my pants and pretended to measure it. They were mesh shorts so they stretched and looked like I had a monster…heehehe. Anyways, I was measuring like everyone on this forums does. When they saw this, they laughed….but then they said something that opened my eyes. They said “Your pretty big there…lol…but your supposed to measure from the side, not the top there buddy…” … my other friend agreed with him. Well….NOW i see why these guys were so big! Measuring this way adds nearly an inch!! … on top of them most likely lying to make themselves look adequate in front of the other guys. So when you hear guys talking about this stuff, maybe they are telling the truth, but maybe it’s a truth that really is a lie…

My measurements are always the same be it I measure from the top or side.

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I measured from the side a while back for the hell of it. It was a little over 1/2” more than BPEL.

My dick is about 14” appendix-pressed. ;)

Agreed. If I measure from the side, I get like 1.5” more length. I wonder how this affects the polls taken about ‘average’ length.. Are poll results generally skewed due to incorrect measurements?


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Even when I was a kid in the locker room, we all knew that to measure your penis you had to measure it ‘on the top’. The first time I heard about bone pressed measurements was at this site. Although, I must admit that measuring that way makes the most sense.

I don’t know where your buddies got the idea that measuring up the side of the penis is the way to do it. Just doesn’t make sense. :shrug:

Life isn't fair, but why be bitter? Life is way too short to go though with a bad attitude.

Why wouldn’t it make sense to measure it where you get the biggest number? It’s all talk in that situation anyway.

Actually, after doing a measurment, I get about 1” more on the side.


STATS | G O A L : 8.5" x 6" BPEL | STORY

Back into PE after 3 year pause

Yea, I think it has to do with the ego, they may have measured from the side to get a bigger number….but then why not measure on the bottom? I dunno where they go the idea. Nor will I ever know…lol, im not gonna say “Hey, remember that time in HS when you told me to measure my penis from the side?” That’d be very awkward…

Just thought this would be a nice heads up….it sure made ME feel a little better when I was just as big as any of them when I thought I was way below average :)

It was probably just the one guy who stated it, and the other guy just agreed with him to make himself look in the know and not ignorant and stupid.

There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world: and that is an idea whose time has come.

You’re only as long as your shortest measurement, whether it’s from the top, side, or whatever. That doesn’t mean you have to tell people that measurement, but keep it in mind for your records and let it inspire you to get bigger gains!!

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yeah, thats why most ‘enlightened’ people measure from the top. It gives the most accurate measurment. Might not be the longest of the bunch, but its definitly the best way to do it. I’m 6.5” measuring the right way… if i measure from the side that number bumps up to about 7.25” and from the bottom about 7.5” so you see how it can vary.

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