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Locating the bc muscle

Hi, I’m new as well.. Thanks for the great explanation, I find it very helpful. Especially when I try the exercises, I wasn’t sure whether I should contract as hard as possible or not. My question is, when you hold a contraction for several seconds, after a good amount of contractions, should your muscle start to tire? Sometimes I feel when I’m holding it, my BC muscle starts to shake, almost like I’m struggling with a repetition in the gym, to hold it. Any thoughts? Thanks!

Yes, they act just like other skeletal muscles. They get tired; they burn if you work them too hard. Kegels are an adjunct, an extra thing for penis health. They aren’t necessary for gains. Do them when you can. Hold them if you want or just contract and relax. Any amount of exercise will improve them and your erections. Don’t let them rule your life.

Yeah, I know.. It’s not like that, I think I just have a weak BC muscle in general. I’m very sexually active, and sometimes I have a very difficult time preventing myself from ejaculating. I guess in short, I “go” quicker than I’d like to (I hope I’m not breaking any rules by talking about this). .. When I have alcohol in me, it’s not a problem, but I want to not have to worry about that.. I have a girlfriend now, and things have been good between us sexually, but I still want to have more control over it because I definitely have none. Any suggestions? Thanks again.

No rules broken, but this isn’t the thread for that discussion. There have been many threads about premature ejaculation. You can find them with the search button, top right of every page. I’m not good at discussing it since I’ve never had the experience. I know there’s one thread where a guy talks about how he overcame it. Take a look. Good luck.

Fantastic information! Thank you westla90069!

After reading your excellent description, I can definitely tell the difference between contracting the BC and PC. I feel the PC contracting more back toward the anus and not really at all in the flaccid penis. I feel the BC contracting more toward the scrotum and in the flaccid penis (almost like the penis is moving). Great to know what I’m exercising and why! It’s so much easier to tell with the bigger muscle (e.g. Biceps, triceps, etc.).

A question, since the BC makes the erect penis “jump”, is there any benefit to hanging a bath towel on a morning erection and doing “reps” lifting the towel up?

Some people think that using resistance like that will increase the strength of the muscles involved and they may be correct. However, as far as improving penis health and making your erections stronger, plain ol’ kegels are enough, IMO. Each guy has to determine which exercise will be of more benefit to him. If you’re asking my advice, I’d say using resistance with kegels is not necessary.

How do you determine if your are doing kegels properly? I can stop me flow of pee when peeing but is their an easier way to determine you are performing it correctly while laying on the bed? Should I feel a slight contraction between the nutsack and anus? Is the correct way? I put a finger there and feel a muscle contracting but am not sure if that is even the right muscle. Thanks

You’re doing it right.

One more question I tried seeing which muscle contracted when I stopped the flow of me so I tried putting my finger against the area between sack/anus but didnt feel a contraction. Is it easier to feel when laying on the bed instead of standing and reaching your arms around trying to feel/pee at the same time. Thanks

The muscle involved in kegels really has nothing to do with stopping urine flow. That’s just an easy way (usually) to tell someone how to do it. Another way is to get an erection and make your penis “jump” or bounce. If you can feel something contracting between the anus and scrotum, you’re doing it right.

Holy shmoly! I have been flexing all those muscles there and did not even know what the hell I was doing! I have been flexing my PC muscle expecting miracles, and was wondering why they weren’t happening. I did not even know that there is a BC muscle there that is way more fun! :-) Flexing the BC muscle is like moving your penis. Flexing the PC muscle is like having something stuck in your ass. I happen to prefer the former. Thank you, westla!


Westla90069, I must thank you for your patience with answering all our Newbie questions. It really does make it easier for us to understand


You’re welcome.

Brilliant thread



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