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Living Proof?

Living Proof?


I wonder if there is a living proof that PC-flexes (or Kegels) improve the ejaculation force. I’ve been doing PE exercises for about 11 weeks now (including the Kegels) and I’m satisfied with my length and girth gains up to now. But I don’t see many changes in my E-force.
I have to admit I sometimes neglect my PC training.
Has anyone noticed good improvements on this issue, if so please give me your advice or comment?

Thanks Yves

One thing I have learned about kegels is that if you want to see results, you have to do them EVERY DAY. When I started PE, I did them eveery day and I saw a strong increase in my ejaculation. I started to neglect kegels and then I lost all of the benefits, I started doing them again this summer, when I was on the road a lot, so I did tons every day. Recently, I stopped doing them every day and I lost the results again. Now I do them every day once again, and the force is with me :)

I’ll agree with that. There has to be some consistency in your routine to see the benefits. I’ve noticed a decrease in force when I’ve slacked off from my Kegel workouts.

Only 2?

Hey guys,

There are only 2 of you who have seen positive results on there ejaculation force by doing Kegels?
I hope there are some more of you, if so please let me know.

Thanks for your contribution,

As the others have said, Kegels do work to cause more ejaculatory force. But you have to make them a habit. Even doing only 50 casual ones a day on the way to work or while watching the nightly news will keep you in shape.

Another benefit, once you get your muscle in shape, is that orgasms tend to be more intense and last longer. That isn’t a bad thing, either.



I work between 50-100 in every day while sitting at my desk or when I am working out at the gym I include them when I am exhaling on my reps and they work great. I agree wholeheartedly that they increase the E-Force and volume of cum as well as a more intense orgasm.
Repetitive Consistency is the key on this issue.

See ya

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

I’ve never gotten used to the feeling of doing kegels. I find the sensation unpleasant. I believe they do help, however. I basically limit mine to kegeling while stretching. Or I’ll do some if I’m getting too soft while jelqing. But I no longer do straight sets of kegels alone. I’ve always been a long shooter, however. When I was a teen, I used to hit the wall at the head of my bed when I wanked it….I mean high up the wall. At 38, I can still spray some distance, so ejaculatory force isn’t a concern with me.

Kegels are more of a preventative maintenance exercise for me. I am not sure if they contribute to gains directly, but they’re just something beneficial to your overall PE health.

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

They worked for me while I was doing them. Soon as I stopped, the benifits went away. I just keep forgeting to do them.

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Thank you all guys,

It’s clear now; I have to do my Kegels to improve my E-force. As soon as I neglect it I will be notified directly. It’s also good to hear that there are more benefits besides the improved E-force.

See you,

Someone noted they did not get much for results doing quick short duration kegels. I was doing them that way getting the “count” in. I have found the longer you hold the kegel the better the return - ie 10 kegels of 10 seconds each are much better than 100 short kegels.

I agree totally Grower. Forget the 1 sec kegels, do 5 second sets, then 10 second sets, and then a couple of 30, and finish with a hold as long as you can - time it - and watch it improve over the months.


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