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Little hanging or none at all

Little hanging or none at all

I sometimes have to face a decesion. I can usually hang at night for 2 hours or so, but othertimes I am pressed for time where I can only get in 40-50 mins. Is it worth it to hang that time, or should I just take the day off? I mean if I can’t hang at night I will take the 2 hour hanging. But sometimes I just don’t feel like doing it for 2 hours or I can’t. So should I hang for the 40-50 mins or just take it off?

Good question…

Of course, the more you hang the better, but as much as we hate to admit it, sometimes life gets in the way of our PE and we just have to do something else. I’d say go ahead and hang the one hour on the night you can’t hang two, but wear an ADS, and if you skip the day all together, then for sure wear an ADS and do piss pulls and stretch everytime you get the chance. Letting it turtle up one one day when your busy or lazy can undo everything you’ve worked hard for all week.

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No Nukes

Yeah I never let it turtle. I do fowfers that you recommended sometimes.

What if I can only get in 20-30 mins of hanging?

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