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Little Guideince Needed

Little Guideince Needed

I have been to this site for over a year now off and on. Never staying on a good routine trying new things all the time, but never seeing any results. Also I vary alot sometimes erect I am almost 6.75 little less other times pushing for 6.25 girth is good 5 to 5.25 length in the killer. What made me try and get some help I guess is the other night with my wife I was huge and it was great I think I was pushing close to 7. I workout alot and very active so it is hard to get alot time to PE also want to keep it to my self because my wife always says I am fine, but after the other night I know different. What I am asking is for some help for a good workout that will focus on the length I am past a beginner level but I can not find something that I feel is working, if I jelq I get tired before I think is helps at all. Stretching seems to help but again fatigue sets in. I know some you guys with experience will know some tricks of the trade. Sorry for the long post, but want to kind let you guys know hows it has been working for me and some others probable have the same problem.


Consistency and application is probably the key you are looking for. Just like any other part of the body, training your hands and arms to jelq takes awhile, treat it like any other excercise and build up to it. Personally I only ever jelqed for 15 mins, if you put effort into every stroke you don’t need to spend so much time doing it.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Wounderleg,

I agree with memento about the jelqing: 10-15 minutes is what I prefer. Make each stroke count.

As far as stretching, have you tried doing little 5 minute stretch sessions throughout the day? Maybe 2 or 3? I’ve been working with V-stretches* lately, and I’ve been feeling a great lig stretch, even when stretching for 5 minutes. (They are pretty intense, so you might want to go easy on the pressure at first.) Maybe a few sessions of those a day would help. Keep things nice and loose. Plus, it’s not too time consuming.



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