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Lig Surgery

Lig Surgery

Has anyone had ligament surgery? I don’t particualrly want it but my ligaments don’t seem to be feeling a great deal better yet and I am gunna see the urologist but all he will probably say is rest it. Thats what I have been doing. No masturbating, no weight training, no PE, loads of hot wrapping. So I might be better of just having ligament surgery if it doesn’t improve in the next couple of months. Has anyone had it done. Someone on another PE forum has and he said that he actually gained both flacid and erect length after the period of stretching they advise you to do to pull out the extra length. He said he got an added 1.5”. Aparently some get erect length increase and some don’t. I would like to no what others that have had it done have experienced. Thankyou!

just a question or two..

what is wrong with your ligaments and why don’t they feel good? were you in an accident? what are the symptoms of what is going on with your ligaments? thanks! :)

I was doing the stretching only I have only found out resently that I was doing them wrong. I was suppose to be holding near the head and stretching the shaft but I was holding the entire shaft and trying to stretch the ligaments, which I thought was pulling out the inner length within my body. I got confused as this is what they do during length extending surgery, pull out the inner length, so I thought that I was supposed to do thye same when doing stretching.

I was pulling very hard one day and fealt the right ligament give way, without any pain. The pain came a little later and I took a bit of time of the program and then continued. The pain came back after a while but every day living was not hindered in any way apart from trying to exercise my dick.

I continued to masterbate every day and one day my ligs had just had enough of the pulling that my masturbating was doing and I fealt them starting to get sore again. Then I went on the rowing machine that same day and afterwards, I fealt pain which didn’t go away even though I might be doing nothing, just every day things would seem to re-pull it and make it painful. Bending down or weight training have been impossible to perform as it just makes my ligaments sore. After that rowing session my penis has been pointing towards the left alot more, not so much when fully erect but during the stages of it getting erect it really points to the left to a ridiculous degree. There is no bend in the penis. It is my right ligament not being as taught as the left which causes it, so my penis points to the left in a straight line from beginning to end with out bending. My ligs are still attached it seems as my erections point up at an angle of 2 0’clock which means the ligs are still keeping it upright but the pain in my ligs is only not noticible if I do no bending over or do any fast walking for a few days. It will come back and get re-pulled if I have to start moving about more again. It isn’t serious pain. It is very tolerable discomfort but it is more the fact that I don’t want to even move about, so that it will heal. I really want it to heal.

I am seeing a urologist in a month or so. It takes ages to get that type of appointment in England. I doubt he will be able to do anything for me anyway. I don’t want surgery. I want a dick that has stability during sex and points up. I might not have a choice though as I am unable to work because of this injury and I cannot have any sex as it causes serious pain for me. When I masterbate to relief my insesant labido, I have to be really, really gentle so that I don’t pull on the ligs. My life is totally fucked up and The fiuture is a very frightening prospect for me. I am dieing for a bigger penis but cannot do anything about it. My powerlifting which had been the best part of my life has been taken from me. I am so, so, fuckin depressed! Sorry if I am a bit negative but I don’t have much to live for at the moment. I can’t even work.

i know where you’re coming from bro

this erection problem thing is killing me, what is the point of life if you can’t have sex. and today i just found out that the girl i love who was supposed to move here in the fall can’t do so for another 2 years, so it’s almost for sure over between us, maybe not now, but later for sure. and she has been so amazing with me and so understanding too. and i’ve never met someone who was just such an amazing person. she is something that at least was going right in my life these days, now i dunno what to be happy about

Response to "lig surgery"

Hi- I Had the lig surgery w/a doc in LA who has a reputation for fixing other doc’s mistakes. I got no - 0 - results! Also had a terrible time finding a way to hang that worked for me. None of the available methods seemed to work. A year later I had the same procedure done with the same doc, and got only 1/2 inch. I developed a way to comfortable hang up to 30 lbs for 1 hour at most angles, but as of 2 years after 2nd surgery have gained only 1/4 more inch! The doc swears the ligs are cut, but who knows with these guys. I’d be somewhat careful with the surgery, at least based on my experience.

Thanks, and good luck!

Gottagrow, I am just very, very sad to hear about all this for you. You have every reason to be upset.

I hope you can get some very good help, understand the problem fully, and get some emotional support.


hey bud just wondering how you are doing now!

reply to ThunderSS

Hi Thunder -

Thanks for your inquiry about my hanging approach. I’d like to say that I think this site is AWESOME!! The amount of information and the way its laid out is great. I’m brand new here and am learning a lot in a short time. Wish I’d known about this a long time ago. The technique I used involves Gaffers Tape combined with a vacuum seal with a short cylinder . I’ve been able to hang 30 lbs for 1 hour comfortably, and have gone up to 50 lbs for 5 min periods. It’s quite comfortable. I usually hang for about 1 hour every other day, sometime every day. Sometmes with 3 breaks in between. The one position I have not done yet is BTC which I just learned about, so we’ll see how that position helps. The technique is kind of a hassle to put on and take off, and somehow I think its not too effective since i’ve not really gotten any gains from it. Then again, from what I’m learning on this forum, it could be my approach as well. Any comments anybody has would be really appreciated! I’m not about to give up, but would certainly like to see some gains- Does anybody have any ideas how I could get a real BIB Hanger? it seems like a really intelligent design.

By the way, I hope I’m posting this correctly - I’m not too computer savvy so I hope you get this, Thunder.



Hey 9soon,

How many hours total hang time have you put in since your surgery?

Have you read all of the posts in the Hanger’s Forum?? There are pages and pages of them, they should go back to September of last year and some of the best posts are in the earliest pages.

Click on your usercp button in the top right hand corner, then find and click the “edit options”. On that screen, scroll down and set the “default thread view” to “show all threads”. That will make the older posts avaialable.

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reply to ThunderSS

Hi Thunder -

Thanks for your recommendations - I’ll read up on everything I can find; its apparent there’s tons of great info to be found here. As for total hang time since surgery: Well, its been 2 years since the second surgery, and I guess I’ve probably hung about 250-300 hours (something like 1 hour every other day for a couple of years.) I feel like I could comfortably take a lot more weight than 30 lbs but my technique won’t support this. I’ve tried to be fairly consistent even though a lot of frustration due to minimal gains. There’s got to be something I need to modify here but havent found it yet - I think maybe the positioning. As advised by the doc, I hang standing up usually, either straight out or down at different angles. Sometimes straight up also. By the way, I don’t use deadweights but a heavy duty scale instead. I found that using a lot of weight I could minimize throwing my back out by using the scale. Can’t walk around, but that seems ok. All in all, the technique sort of works even though its a pain to set up (takes about 20 min), and weight seem to work just ok, so it seems like the positions maybe need more focusing on. I’m going to try hanging while sitting down, and also BTC, and hope this helps.

Thanks very much for the info and the support!


Is your scale accurate?

The problem I see with using the scale setup is the “creeping forward” effect. Moving toward the scale to lessen the tension and therefore the “weight”. I know P9 uses a scale also. He is not available to comment now, but he may see this in the future and reply.

Enjoy the reading and if you have questions or comments, jump right in. If it is hanger related, put it in the Hanger’s Forum. Easier for the next guy to find and also will be seen by more hanger’s.

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Reply to ThunderSS

Hi Thunder -

Re. using a scale instead of weights - I’m actually going to try using the weights instead, and try hanging BTC and other ways I’ve learned from this Forum. I’ll post any results after a bit.

Thanks! (oops - I might not have directed this post to the hanger’s forum as you directed - sorry - I’ll be more careful next time.


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