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Lig pops?

Lig pops?

I was just thinking about these “lig pops” I never seem to get. However I get pops in my achilles ligament sometimes. Would this be exactly the same thing? Why would my achilles pop whenever I move around after a period having my legs still? Are lig pops beneficial or kind of just verification of a good stretch of the penis? I seem to get pops in my achilles only when ease the tension in the ligament, I find that peculiar since the “lig pops” around here accure during the stretch?

I’m not sure if I am really going anywhere with this, but all comments, personal experiences etc are welcome.

I think it’s just like knuckles “cracking.” It’s caused by a sudden movement of a joint. The public bone is actually two bones, one from each side, and there’s a joint line in the middle right where we do our pulling. Moving that joint can make a sound. See the discussion in this thread. I seriously doubt it means anything as far as penis growth is concerned.

I’m not arguing with you westla, I’ve been around long enough to read your posts and be blown away by some of your vast knowledge, (how’s that for sucking up?) but if your explanation is correct, wouldn’t the pop be heard/felt from the center of the pubic area? I’ve had two now, both most definitely on the side of the pubic area. One left, one right, both about two to three inches from center. Guess it all could be in my head (upper, not lower).

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