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lig pop and red mark

lig pop and red mark

I had a lig pop today, that’s a good thing right??

Also at the same time, a red spot appeared on the shaft. It looks like a skin tear, it is a circle a little smaller than the tip of a pencil eraser, it was red (sorta a little bloody) and now after a few hours is dark pink and smooth, but it burns a little. Any idea ?

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I don’t think lig pops have been determined to be good or bad. Some people have them, others don’t. Those who do don’t seem to have any ill effects. Perhaps it’s a sign of progress.

It sounds as if you’ve diagnosed your skin problem yourself. It’s probably a skin tear from pulling too hard. Of course that’s just a guess. If it isn’t still bleeding, it’s probably nothing to be concerned about.

I think i had a similar spot, it healed in a few days, i’d take it easy ‘til then. If it’s like mine it’ll probably stay on the skin in the form of a tanned spot in the same shape.

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