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Lig click?

Lig click?

I know that lig “pops” have been discussed to death, but has anyone experienced a “clicking” sound from a tough pull?

I’m leary as shit since I hurt myself around Halloween time by pulling like hell with those rubber gloves I’ve described. The other night I was pulling SO, with both hands, and heard a muffled “click” sound deep from my pubis near the base - but it wasn’t the typical “pop.”

Anyone had this before? It’s making me leary to stretch too vigorously. :(

rubber glove post:

Stretch Secret

I’m worried about reinjuring myself.

Look, even though it was a tough pull, it is just possible the release pop didn’t happen until you were at that level.

If everything is back to normal now, I would chalk it up as a pop at high tension.

If I feel the lig pop coming on now, I approach the pop with caution and seem to work through it. Just know it is there and approach with caution next time. Let it pop under control.

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