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Life without PE

Life without PE

Well, I’ve PE’d for almost 7 months now. I started at 5.9 inches BPEL and a little under 5 inches of girth. I am now at 7.7 inches BPEL (7.3 nbpel) and 5.4 inches of girth. The only problem with the gains (what an irony) is that I have had no time for a social life, and my grades have diminished. I have lost ambition to do other things. I have suffered from depression my whole life, and am taking anti-depressants, which may be the cause of all of it, but even depressed, I have gained 1.8 inches in length and half an inch in girth. I will resume pe’ing when I have more time down the road. What I need to know is what is a good maintenance workout to keep my gains? I can’t imagine life without PE. Thanks to all at Thunders and in the PE community for their help in my goals, as I will help those with any questions with the limited experience I have.

It sounds that we need to establish some PE rehab clinics.

I think that maintenance program should last for about a month based on my own experiences. That time should cement the gains you’ve made. 15-20 minutes a day say 3-4 times a week should do the trick.

Btw, great gains.

Go to school, don’t do drugs. ;)

A Man behind his mask.

Wow, hunglo77 those are awesome 7 month gains. At least you have nothing to be depressed about regarding penis size.

Wow Hunglo those are some great gains. What is your routine.
Yes PE caused me the same mental issues because I haven’t been able to fing good balance between PE and other life. I was thinking about PE all the time and missing all the good things outside of it. I am seriously thinking about stopping it.


Great gains Hunglo….

I hope you find balance for a social life and PE. Life’s no fun if you can’t share it with someone.

My Current Stats: NBPEL : 7.5" BPEL: 8.0" EG : 6.0" GOAL ACHIEVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just Maintaining......


>What I need to know is what is a good maintenance workout to keep my gains? <

Do what you did to get the gains, but less of it. For example, if you gained with 30mins of stretching and 30 of jelqing, try 10mins of each. If it has been a while since your last gain (1 month or more), you probably don’t need a maintenance routine, but I would do one to be sure. You won’t need to do it forever, just a few months to be on the safe side.



I’ve found that only one good workout a week (you can do whatever you did to get your gains) keeps me stable sizewise.



I started off with simple stretches, and simple jelqing, and slowly built my way up till’ I could beat my dick with a hammer an not feel pain (not literally, but my cock was tough). I probably didn’t need to overwork it like I did, but I gained an inch of length in under a month. I had been jelqing for a year, so saw slim girth gains. After gaining 1.2 inches I reached a plateau for 3 months. I decided to stop focusing on length an focused on girth. I had an intense workout plan for girth with bends, super jelqs and reverse jelqs, you name it. I gained .2 inches. However, I came upset with the lack of girth I was getting, so I switched my focus towards length gains. I then found the LOT THEORY at Thunder’s Place. My lot was and still is 9. After finding this out, I did mostly downward stretches and under the leg stretches. I came back with a shock routine and gained an easy .25 inches in length. I have gained another .25 inches since the shock routine, and am taking a couple weeks off an will shock my dick with a length routine. When I get another .25 inches I will go back to girth, since I have layed off of girth for nearly 2 months, I should hopefully see some easy gains. The biggest factors in my gains were
1) Focus and determination- I wasn’t going to go down as the man with an average penis to the ladies, I wanted to leave them begging for more, so I used this to motivate myself into building a steady 3 on- 1 off routine.
2)Correct exercise form- I always tried to improve the techniques of my stretch and found that using heat ALL THE TIME when stretching is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to my gains. Also grabbing under the glans correctly, and not pulling your hardest until the end of the stretch
3) Knowledge- By understanding the effects of heat on the penis and the lot of my penis, I could use these to find out the most effective stretches to do. Also knowing that the penis should be slowly strengthened and deconditioned and rotated in routine cycles helped me reached gains when I hit a plateau. Knowing when to stop and start is important. SUPPLEMENT KNOWLEDGE- Taking L-arginine and Ginko Biloba helped my cock receive the essential nutrients for sexual function. Though I have stopped taking l-arginine because it makes me crazy, it has no side effects for most people; know your bodies limitations
4) ATTITUDE- I knew PE worked when I gained a quarter inch my first week. I had a positive attitude from the beginning and knew that the road would be long and hard, now my cock is!

I went from a 5.5 inch cock to 5.9 from jelqing about 2 years ago. When I found PE sites, especially thundersplace, I found magnificent gains. I went from a little 5.5 inch BP X 4.9 inch cock to a 7.7 BP X 5.4 inch cock and I still can’t believe how good it feels to know I could satisfy most women in the world with my large wang!

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